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Meeting: 15/09/2014 - Democratic Services Committee (Item 410)

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To consider a report of the Head of Democratic Services.


Ann Taylor outlined the current structure of the Democratic Services Department and made reference to a decision, under the corporate spine review, to amalgamate the Democratic Services staff with staff within Executive support.


Ann Taylor advised the Committee that she appreciates this amalgamation would create a larger pool of staff resulting in additional support for the responsibilities within Democratic Services.


Ann Taylor outlined that she would no longer have managerial responsibility for the staff and would have to commission work to Business Services.  She did express her reservations because of the statutory obligations and the skills required within the function of Democratic Services.  


Questions were asked by Members and concerns expressed on how this amalgamation would operate in practice, timescales of the amalgamation and the need to ensure that Member Development is progressed.




·         Democratic Services Committee note the concerns of the Head of Democratic Services. 


As the Committee had expressed concern over insufficient information to determine this, it was further RESOLVED that:


·         A Special Democratic Services Committee be convened for Monday, 22nd September 2014.


·         The Corporate Director of Customer Services and Business Change Manager be invited to outline the proposals of the Corporate Spine amalgamation.



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