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Meeting: 02/06/2015 - SACRE (Item 308)

308 WASACRE Issues: pdf icon PDF 126 KB

·         Feedback from meeting on 6th March 2015 at Margam, Port Talbot

·         Representation at next meeting on 25th June 2015 at Mold, Flintshire

·         Executive Voting for the period 2015-2017


Feedback from WASACRE meeting at Margam, Port Talbot  -  Vicky Thomas updated members on the WASACRE meeting on the 6th March 2015.


Representation at next meeting at Mold, Flintshire  -  Councillor Ernie Galsworthy will be attending the next WASACRE meeting on the 25th June 2015.


Executive Voting for the period 2015-2017  -  Vicky Thomas to give an update to the next meeting.


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