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Agreement of Work Programme for 2015/2016

Meeting: 04/09/2015 - Standards (Item 319)

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To consider a report of the Monitoring Officer.


Carys Kennedy advised members of the need to formalise arrangements for the Standards Committee to maximise its opportunities to monitor the performance of the Authority.


It was therefore recommended that the following matters be included in a timetabled work programme:


·         The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’ Annual Report


·         Complaints and Compliments System dealing with complaints about all aspects of the Authority’s work. 


·         Council’s Whistleblowing Policy


Carys Kennedy advised that members receive three reports on an annual basis.   Each of these reports be provided to a separate meeting, spaced throughout the calendar year, which will mean that there will be a minimum of three meetings annually.  Ad hoc meetings will however need to take place as and when required.  


Nathan Fear queried whether these reports could contain comparative data over 2 years.


Discussion ensued and it was RESOLVED that:


·         The next meeting of Standards will be held on 27th November 2015 at 2.00 pm to discuss the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales Annual Report and also to receive feedback from the Standards Conference.


·         Members agree a meeting for the end of March 2016 to discuss the consider Complaints and Compliments system. 


·         Members agree a meeting for the end of July 2016 to discuss the Council’s Whistleblowing Policy.  


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