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Meeting: 04/06/2018 - Scrutiny : Learning and LGES (Item 21)

21 Post 16 Home to school transport- Post consultation pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider the attached report


The Chair advised members that this item would be discussed at the start of the meeting.


The Chair welcomed Paul Lewis, Andrew Mogford and Amii Cooper to the meeting.


Paul Lewis referred to the Post 16 Home to School Transport report attached to the agenda.


Officers provided advice and background information in relation to the following questions from the Committee:


·         Clarification on the 480 responses received after the 12 week consultation and figures outlined in the table on page 43 of the report. 


·         Consideration of the paper questionnaire results.


·         Provision of free transport to pupils.


·         The NEET’s provision in relation to the free transport element.


·         The effectiveness of the consultation process for young people.


·         Withdrawal of free transport to pupils. 


·         Operating Model Design of the Council and the Wellbeing of Future Generations Wales Act  -  applying the 5 ways of working in the development of each of the options, proper consideration of the 5 ways of working and the evidence of the work?


·         Updating the columns within the critical success factors.


·         Courses attended by pupils. 




·         Officers note and consider the observations made by members of the Committee prior to the report being scheduled for a decision at a future Full Council meeting.


·         Any future draft reports be clearly identified as a “draft” report outlining that the Scrutiny members are only expected to make observations at this stage and not a decision.    


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