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Meeting: 06/02/2019 - Planning, Regulatory and Licensing (Item 768)

768 P/18/0054 - Land Adjacent to 17 Beechwood Drive, Heolgerrig, Merthyr Tydfil pdf icon PDF 462 KB

To consider report of the Deputy Chief Executive


Proposed dwelling with minor works on the junction of Heolgerrig Road


The Planning Officer introduced the item and led the committee through the report and presentation.


The following questions were raised by the committee and were responded to by the Planning Officer.


·         This application has been refused on three previous occasions but the reason that it is recommended for approval this time is due to the improvement to the vision splay; however, the report states that the vision splay is still an issue due to a sign and a telegraph pole. Also the hedge would have to be maintained over time to continue to provide improved visibility


·         When this application was previously turned down by the Planning Inspectorate there was mention of a traffic and pedestrian survey, why has there been no pedestrian survey carried out and why was the Highways Officer not made aware of the proposed development of a Children’s play area above the proposed site which would potentially increase pedestrian traffic


·         In relation to Highway Safety the report states that traffic volume passing the access is light with a total of 13 two way vehicle movements being recorded during the morning peak hour (08.00 – 09.00) and 27 movements during the afternoon / evening peak period (17.00 – 18.00) Can you confirm how long they were on site to record these figures and do you feel the time spent on site was adequate to record the vehicular movements


·         Can the Planning Officer confirm if any objections have been received from the owner of The Gables since the publication of the report and is it correct that if the ownership of The Gables changes and they make an objection this application cannot go ahead


After consideration by the committee, it was Resolved that:


In accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Town Planning and Countryside, the application be approved subject to the conditions outlined in the report.


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