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Forward Work Programme

Meeting: 20/05/2019 - Scrutiny : Learning and LGES (Item 13)

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To consider the attached report

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The Chair advised that there was an error on the work programme report at 2.1.    It should read that members consider the questions at 3.7 in planning for the next meeting and not 3.2 as stated in the report. 


In relation to the work programme attached to the report, the Chair referred to the following issues:


·         Performance Report  -  Foundation Phase, KS2 and KS3

scheduled for the 2nd September 2019 Learning and LGES Scrutiny Committee.


·         Report on the performance at Key Stage 4 (to include the capped 9 measure) and attendance

scheduled for the 6th January 2020 Learning and LGES Scrutiny Committee. 


Sue Walker advised Members about changes in accountability measures in relation to Welsh Government’s advice that ranking comparisons against other Local Authorities can no longer be published at foundation stage, key stage 2, key stage 3 or key stage 4. 


Discussion also ensued in relation to:


·         The continued support and updates from the Central South Consortium.


·         Authorities receiving Welsh averages. 


·         Confirmation of workshop to be held with the Central South Consortium.


·         Inclusion of the issuing of FPN’s across the Authority under the education and exclusion item on the work programme.


·         How updates on the ALN Bill will be given to Committee members.


·         Clarification on whether the Welsh in Education Strategic Plans will be included in the work programme. 




·         Committee agrees the current work programme.


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