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Update on Carbon & Energy Management Activities

Meeting: 16/09/2019 - Scrutiny : Neighbourhood Services, Planning and Countryside (Item 327)

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To consider the attached report

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Iain Galsworthy provided Committee with a brief summary on the update on carbon and energy management activities report with particular reference to:-


·         Stage 1 & 2 of the REFIT Energy Efficiency Programme

·         Draft Carbon Management Plan

·         New staff appointment.


The following questions were raised by Committee and answered in detail by the Officers:-


Page 4 (4.2) - British Gas

·         Is it costing the Council more money

·         Will the Council have to pay monies back to 2014

·         How much will it cost the Council


Page 5 (5.2) –

·         Clarity over energy savings due to be made.


Page 8 (5.6) –

·         Does this include the schools and the leisure trust.


Page 6 (5.3) –

·         Do we have an alternative other than to invest

·         Will a report be put up


Appendix –

·         Are the savings at Leisure Trust and Redhouse taken into account within the budget.


·         How much would it cost to install ½ hourly meter readers into buildings.


The Chair wished to commend Iain on the work already undertaken and enquired when the new energy officer was starting work.


Resolved that:


The report be noted.



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