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Meeting: 16/10/2019 - Planning, Regulatory and Licensing (Item 416)

416 P/18/0321 - Land Between 3A and 4 Winifred Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil pdf icon PDF 433 KB

To consider report of the Interim Chief Executive


Erect three storey property to provide 1, two bedroom flat and 2, one bedroom flats, to include retaining walls.


The Planning Officer introduced the item and led the committee through the report with the aid of the power point presentation.


The following questions were raised by the committee and responded to in detail by the Planning Officer in attendance.


·         Can the Planning Officer explain how this has happened, if there is an agreed plan how do the builders come along and build in the wrong position. Is it the sole responsibility of the developer to ensure that the building is in the correct position or is it the planning departments responsibility to ensure the position of the building is correct


·         This issue was raised by residents so it clearly wasn’t a few inches it is in fact a few feet so was an obvious discrepancy, can you confirm that the planning department doesn’t check the position prior to the building being started. If this is the case isn’t this always going to be an issue


·         Due to this application not being built in accordance with the plan there is no way of getting scaffolding between the properties, is this going to be an issue


After consideration by the committee, it was Resolved that:


In accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Town Planning and Countryside, the application be approved subject to the conditions outlined in the report.






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