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Corporate Self-Evaluation – Inspection Area 3

Meeting: 25/11/2019 - Scrutiny : Learning and LGES (Item 506)

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To consider report of the Chief Officer Education

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Sue Walker referred to the Corporate Self-Evaluation report on Inspection Area 3 and she took members through the report in detail as follows:


·         Clarification on the Self Evaluation process.


·         Where we are now in relation to the judgement made (Leadership and Management).


·         Areas that are good and also areas that need improvement.


·         What we need to do next by addressing the priorities for improvement identified in the SER, particularly those that will support leadership, people management and priority setting, to improve from adequate to good. 


Sue Walker provided background information in relation to the following questions:


·         Staff resources that are required to enable the delivery of a Capita One Development Plan.


·         Clarification on the increased structured learning and training opportunities for all staff across Education Services, particularly those at middle management level.


·         Update on the Carbon Footprint within Schools and what feedback is being received from the Eco Committees on progress being made within Schools?


·         Update on whether clarity has been reached in respect of requirements by Contractors having DBS checks when working in a setting of children and vulnerable young adults.


·         Clarification on the method and intervention that prevents a reduced timetable offer for vulnerable and looked after young people. 


·         How clear and robust is the Local Authority’s behavioural support policy and how robustly does it analyse this and where appropriately report this to the LSCB and elected Members?  At what stage would this information be shared with elected Members? 


·         Clarification on the increase of school leaders in school to school working.




-       Members note the content of the report developed through completion of the self-evaluation process.


-       Members approve the judgement of adequate put forward by the Learning Department.


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