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Mid-Year Update on Young Carers

Meeting: 17/12/2019 - Scrutiny : Social Services (Item 539)

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To consider the attached report

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Annabel Lloyd introduced the item and highlighted that Merthyr Tydfil’s young carers are remarkable young people and their achievements are noteworthy and thanked Taryn Hudd for being enthusiastically invested in developing service for Merthyr’s Young Carers.


Taryn Hudd highlighted the pertinent points within the report and mentioned that in the first two quarters of this year 20 new young carers had been identified which is a significant increase. It was also highlighted that 70% of young carers who attended the programme reported an improvement in their wellbeing.


The following questions were raised by the committee and responded to in detail by the officers in attendance.


·         In relation to the Early Help Hub is the funding regional or just Merthyr Tydfil


·         Do schools keep detailed records on young carers’ attendance, behaviour, results etc.


·         Are the young carers identified sole carers or do they have additional specialist assistance from Social Services or other professional bodies


·         Concerns were raised in relation details contained within the report that highlighted the fact that schools were allowing young carers to fall through the net, but with the addition of the new post highlighted within the Early Help Hub it should allow you to achieve better outcomes in the coming year.


·         Are you currently sharing the expertise with schools and assisting them in highlighting and supporting young carers


·         Do Social Services actively try to lighten the burden on these children by providing home help / nursing assistance etc.


·          Does the Authority currently have a service in place to monitor the young cares mental health


·         What is K I T, can you explain to the committee what is and what it does and provide.


The Chair requested an acronym breakdown sheet for future committees with a brief description on each acronym included.


·         How confident are we as an authority that we are identifying all young carers and are there any that are slipping through the net as some young carers wont realise they are carers as it is the norm for them


·         In relation to the residential breaks and the Choir, who funds these projects and if it was to stop would the council be willing to fund the projects


·         The report states that 27 young carers attended the residential break, were these young people chosen or is it open to all young carers to attend


·         It was mentioned that 70% of young carers reported an improvement in their wellbeing after attending the residential break, what about the other 30% was additional support offered to them


·         If extra financial support was made available what improvements / developments would benefit the service


The Chair and Cabinet Member for Social Services both thanked the Officers for their excellent work in driving the project forward and thanked them for producing such a positive report.




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