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Homelessness Strategy Update

Meeting: 14/01/2020 - Scrutiny : Regeneration, Public Protection and Housing (Item 619)

619 Homelessness Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 824 KB

To consider report of the Interim Deputy Chief Executive


Alyn Owen referred to the ‘Homelessness Strategy – Update’ report.


Cerys Clark then led the Committee in detail through the report and together with Councillor G Thomas, Alyn Owen and Suzanne Lewis-Abbott responded in detail to the following questions raised by the Committee:


·         Paragraph 6.5 – Explanation requested of why the location of Chaplin’s is no longer appropriate and information requested on alternative accommodation

·         Paragraph 7.0 – Increase in demand for single accommodation – Has anything been done in relation to underlying trends

·         Prison Leavers – Is there data available for release dates – Is there anything done by the Council prior to prisoners being released

·         Care Leavers - Is there a Strategy in place to prevent homelessness

·         Paragraph 4.13 – Are there enough placements available - HMO’s

·         The effect of staff cuts on the Department

·         Further explanation requested on the role of the ‘One Stop Shop’ staff

·         Explanation requested on ‘Psychologically Informed Accommodation’

·         Beneficial to have future updates on success stories in relation to support and accommodation

(The Chair then proposed a report to the Committee on Case Studies)


·         Further explanation requested in relation to Homelessness figures

(Cerys Clark advised that she would circulate the new figures to the Committee)


·         Paragraphs 6.1 and 4.9 – Request for more detailed comparison figures for where we are

(Suzanne Lewis-Abbott advised that an updated report would be shared with the Committee together with the inclusion of figures from all the other Local Authorities)


·         Is the Council able to buy its own property and provide HMO’s in suitable locations – If unable to purchase could properties be leased


Resolved that:


The content of the report be noted.


The Chair then thanked Councillor G Thomas and the Officers for the update to the Committee.


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