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Attendance and Exclusions

Meeting: 24/02/2020 - Scrutiny : Learning and LGES (Item 701)

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To consider the attached report


Sarah Bowen referred to the Attendance and Exclusions report and took members through the report in detail as follows:


·         The outcomes for attendance and exclusions in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

·         Progress against targets.

·         Key areas for improvement.

·         Where we want to be  -  in line with welsh averages.

·         Delivering Family Liaison/Attendance and Wellbeing Officer training to all Schools and relevant LA staff.   

·         The utilisation of Fixed Penalty Notices. 

·         Role of the Challenge Advisers.

·         Holding two attendance weeks for Schools to have attendance as a key focus.


Sarah Bowen provided background information in relation to the following questions:


·         Clarification on why MTCBC is the only Local Authority in Wales that operates an EWS financial SLA.   Why has this decision been made and can this decision be overturned?


·         Why are only 10 of the 20 Schools seen an improvement?


·         Clarification on reduced timetable arrangements for Children.


·         Does reduced timetable arrangements affect the School’s non-attendance figures?


·         Home School Children’s homes being affected by recent floods  -  is the Local Authority aware of these and, if so, are measures being put in place to support these families?


·         In relation to the decrease in the overall Exclusion of Children from Schools, does this mean that behaviour has been improved or are the Schools managing the behaviour more in-house.


·         With regard to the Nurture provision, are Schools being offered training to look at all aspects that surround the Child coming into the School etc.  




The contents of the report be noted by members.


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