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Environmental Enforcement Across the County Borough

Meeting: 02/11/2020 - Scrutiny : Neighbourhood Services, Planning and Countryside (Item 138)

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To consider the attached report


The Chair referred to the ‘Environmental Enforcement across the County Borough’ report and welcomed Councillor D Hughes, Judith Jones, Paul Jones and Jemma Price to the Meeting.


Paul Jones then led the Committee in detail through the report and together with Councillor D Hughes and the Officers responded to the questions raised:


·         Paragraph 5.9 – Explanation of what are ‘Trail’ Cameras

·         Paragraph 5.11 – Is there adequate signage – Explanation requested on the erection of signage

·         Paragraph 5.12 – Are there any Cameras operating throughout the County Borough – How long before this is corrected

·         Staff Capacity – Has this issue been raised with Senior Management

·         Paragraph 5.14 – Is there a report due in relation to a Revader Camera

·         Paragraph 5.16 – When will the formal Policy be presented to Council – Will this Policy give the Council more powers – What difference will the Policy make

·         Paragraph 5.18 – When is the report on un-registered land scheduled to be considered by Cabinet

·         Are Revader Cameras able to be Leased – If yes, what are the costs and how much does it cost to move a camera – Is there any external funding available

·         Is the figure quoted for the cost of a Revader Camera correct

·         Is there combined working with Registered Social Landlords regarding waste

·         How many fly-tipping incidents have Social Landlords been involved with over the past five years

·         Paragraph 5.19 – Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – Will this be referred back to the Committee

·         Paragraph 6.2 – Hope that Officers have success in finding monies for a Revader Camera with a report being brought back to the Committee on the outcome

·         A Member then requested that thanks be forwarded to the staff who collected fly tipped waste and for their prompt actions


Resolved that:


The content of the report be noted.


The Chair then thanked Councillor Hughes and the Officers for attending and the update to the Committee.


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