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Budget Update for Scrutiny Committee

Meeting: 17/11/2020 - Scrutiny : Social Services (Item 161)

161 Budget Update for Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 376 KB

To consider the attached report


Lisa Curtis-Jones provided the committee with an overview of the Budget Update and highlighted that it has been a very difficult process due to Covid-19.


The following questions were raised and answered in detail by the officers in attendance:


·         There is currently an underspend in Integrated Community Equipment Store (ICES) is this in anyway causing delays in discharges from hospital and therefore blocking beds. What is the reason for the underspend


·         If there is an underspend at the end of the year in relation to ICES does the money stay with the local authority


·         There is currently a very large overspend in Children’s Residential Placements, wouldn’t it be better to put more funds into the budget at the start to reduce the chance of further large overspends in the future


·         Can the budget tables include the figure that the budget was set to at the start of the year so that the committee can better understand the figures


·         In relation to 7.3 of the report it mentions additional services through the integrated care fund and the transformation fund to allow innovation to continue across the region which includes developing phase two stay well at home programme. Can you provide more information about this and the impact it will have this winter


The Chair thank Lisa Curtis-Jones for the excellent report in light of the current and ongoing situation with Covid-19. The Chair also commented on the excellent work that is being carried out by Social Services Staff on a daily basis under very difficult circumstances.





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