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Any other business as deemed urgent by the Chairman

Meeting: 25/03/2021 - SACRE (Item 525)

Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair


Confidential Item  -  Response to the Draft Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) Guidance

Angela Hill referred to the above guidance document, which was circulated separately to members prior to this meeting, and reminded members that the content of this document is confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside of the Committee.

She advised that the deadline for any responses is the 9th April 2021.    

Detailed discussion ensued on the contents of this guidance and it was RESOLVED that:

a.     Members forward any comments directly to Welsh Government (Karen Reddy to provide members with the e-mail address for responses).

b.     Karen Reddy to provide members with a copy of the guidance outlining Angela Hill’s comments.

c.     Members forward a copy of their responses to Angela Hill for information. 


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