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EC LJ - Council - Grievance Policy And Procedure

Meeting: 16/06/2021 - Full Council (Item 75)

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To consider report of the Interim Chief Executive

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Councillor A Barry referred the Council to the ‘Grievance Policy and Procedure’ report and moved recommendations 2.1 and 2.2 as contained within the report.


Arising on the ‘Grievance Policy’ Paragraph 7 a Member asked how many trained Mediators did the Council have.


Members were advised that this information would be circulated to Members.


(Information received from the Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Pensions and Payroll confirmed that there are two trained mediators within the Human Resources Team).


Another Member then sought clarification in relation to the recommendation at Paragraph 2.2 in relation to amendments to the Policy and it was proposed that the recommendation be amended to include the word ‘minor’.


Resolved subject to the foregoing that:


(a)  The Grievance Policy be approved

(b)   Delegated authority be given to the Head of Human Resources for any future minor amendments to the Policy in consultation with the Portfolio Member be approved.


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