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EC - Tech Scheme (Merthyr Tydfil Rewards)

Meeting: 06/10/2021 - Full Council (Item 319)

319 Tech Scheme (Merthyr Tydfil Rewards) pdf icon PDF 355 KB

To consider report of the Chief Executive

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Councillor A Barry led the Council in detail through the ‘Tech Scheme (Merthyr Tydfil Rewards)’ report.


Questions were raised on the report by the Members with a Member asking how much the employees contribution would be paid into the Pension Scheme and Steve Jones advised that he would need to make the calculation and come back to Councillors on this.


Another Member then enquired if staff and Councillors could be advised of what schemes were available and Fran Donnelly advised that she would circulate a link to the Councillors giving details of what schemes staff could access.


Resolved that:


The introduction of the Tech Scheme administered by ICOM Rewards be approved.


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