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Meeting: 26/04/2023 - Planning, Regulatory and Licensing (Item 827)

827 P/22/0237 - Ffos Y Fran Land Reclamation Scheme, East of A4060 Slip Road, Merthyr Tydfil pdf icon PDF 357 KB

To consider report of the Chief Executive


The Chair advised that Item 4 – P/22/0237 would be taken as Item 3 on the agenda.


Variation of Conditions 3 (Coal Extraction) and 4 (Final Restoration) of Planning Permission – APP/U6925/A/10/2129921 to extend the life of the existing Mine until 31st March 2024


David Cross Planning Officer updated the Committee on the application and led the Committee through the application in detail with the assistance of a Power Point Presentation.


Hugh Towns also led the Committee through the report and referred in detail to the proposal.


The following questions were then raised by the Committee on the proposal and were responded to in detail by David Cross, Hugh Towns and Geraint Morgan:


·        Details in relation to the restoration of the site

·        Responses from the public

·        Clarification in relation to financial security – How can the Authority ensure the applicant has sufficient funds to meet the aftercare obligations – Would the Authority have to meet the cost of restoration – Why has the Authority been left in this position – When the original agreement was made were any of the Legal Officers involved to ensure the owner had to abide by their obligations

·        The applicant has indicated that they are making a loss -  Is there evidence for this

·        Overview requested in relation to time delays and any mitigating circumstances

·        Has there been mining without permission

·        Update requested on the result of the public consultation since the closure of the consultation

·        Details of the Restoration Plan and timescale

·        TATA Steel and the supply of Coal

·        Slippage on the site – Funds for this

·        What is the responsibility of Welsh Government in relation to the site 

·        Concern regarding the hole that could be left – If the proposal is refused what happens next  - The period in which an Appeal can be made if the application is refused

·        Clarification sought on the decision making process if refused – What would be the terms of Enforcement – Clarity requested in relation to timescales and can there be extraction during this process

·        Details requested in relation to how much has been received from the Community Fund and how much since September

·        What Legislative powers are available to the Authority  in relation to undertaking Enforcement

·        If legal action was undertaken what could be the likely costs to the Authority

·        Details requested on the funds held in an Escrow Account


Comments were also made by the Committee on the proposal.


After consideration by the Committee it was


Resolved that:


In accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Town Planning and Countryside that the application be Refused for the Reasons as outlined in the report.



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