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Apologies for absence pdf icon PDF 123 KB


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor J Amos, Councillor D Roberts, Councillor J Thomas and Mr R Williams Lay Member.


Declarations of Interest

Members are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government and Finance Act 1992 relating to Council Tax, the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct




(a)  Members are reminded that they must identify the item number and subject matter that their interest relates to and signify the nature of the personal interest and


(b)  Where Members withdraw from a Meeting as a consequence of the disclosure of a prejudicial interest they must notify the Chair when they leave


No Declarations of Interest were made.


Corporate Risk Register - Highlight Report pdf icon PDF 447 KB

To consider report of the Chief Executive


The Chair welcomed Councillor A Barry Cabinet Member and the Officers to the Meeting.


Councillor A Barry then referred in detail to the ‘Corporate Risk Register – Highlight Report’ and together with the Officers responded to the following questions raised by the Committee:


·       Paragraph 4.7 - Details requested on the risk in relation to Capacity taking into account the number of vacant posts – Concern expressed that the risk is decreasing but more staff are needed – Further details requested in relation to the Heritage / Conservation Officer Post

·       Do the items appear on the Cabinet Forward Work Programme – Is there an up to date Work Programme available

·       What is the position in relation to the Homelessness Risk – What has the Welsh Government decided – Has the number of Homeless under the Act reduced from the figures last year – Financing – Clarity sought regarding the current finance position – Important to know the position of Welsh Government for the next financial year

·       Paragraphs 4.12 and 4.6 – Clarification requested on the number of Risks

·       Reputation Risk – Not easy to assess – How are Officers and the Cabinet dealing with this

·       Risk 7 – Brexit – How are all these being dealt with

·       Increase in the cost of Energy Contracts


The Chair then referred to Homelessness and recommended that this matter be kept under review by the Committee due to the financial implications that the Council may face if the hardship funding from Welsh Government is not continued and that a further report on Homelessness be submitted to Committee in a few months time.


The Committee then agreed with the recommendation of the Chair that a further report be Presented to a future Committee Meeting in relation to Homelessness.


Resolved that:


(a)  The content of the report be noted and recommend that it progresses to Cabinet for approval

(b)  The continued progress made in considering the Risk Management requirements of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Socio-economic Duty be noted

(c)   The proposals to continue to present highlight reports on the Corporate Risk Register to Cabinet be noted


Annual Performance Report 2020/2021 pdf icon PDF 802 KB

To consider report of the Chief Executive

Additional documents:


The Chair referred the Committee to the ‘MTCBC Annual Performance Report’ and a Presentation was then made by Ellis Cooper and Matthew Rivers giving details in relation to:


·       Annual Performance Report (APR) – Summary

·       Four Key Objectives - Three ‘adequate’ judgements and one ‘ unsatisfactory

·       Summary of Performance

·       Findings

·       Analysis  

·       Well-being Objective – Best Start – Judgement Unsatisfactory

·       Well-being Objective –Working Life – Judgement Adequate

·       Well-being Objective – Environmental Well-being – Judgement Adequate

·       Well-being Objective – Living Well – Judgement Adequate

·       Case Studies by Objective – 25 case studies used in the report and analysed against objectives


The following question was then raised on the Presentation in relation to:


·       Percentage of Working Age in Employment – Reasons for the reduction


Reference as also made to the following errors in the report:


·       Measuring and Defining Success – Measuring Well- Being – 2019-2020 should read 2020 - 2021

·       Case Study – New Lease of Life – Spelling error in relation to the word ‘ Poll


Resolved subject to the foregoing that:


The report be noted.



Updated Forward Work Programme 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 345 KB

To consider report of the Head of Regional Internal Audit Service.

Additional documents:


Mark Thomas referred the Committee to the ‘Governance and Audit Committee Forward Work Programme 2021/22’ report and Helen Goddard also advised of reports that would be submitted by the Wales Audit Office.


Resolved that:


The Forward Work Programme for 2021/22 be approved.


Information Report pdf icon PDF 135 KB

To receive copies of published Internal Audit reports for Members Information.


The Chair referred the Committee to the ‘Issued Internal Audit Report’ and no reports were referred for further consideration.


Reflection and Evaluation of Meeting

To receive an update from the Chair


The Chair and the Committee reflected on the issues that had been considered in the Meeting.


Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair


The Chair advised that there was no business deemed urgent.


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