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Welcome and presentation from Trelewis Primary School


The Committee were welcomed by Mrs Helen Price to Trelewis Community School.


Helen Price then made a Presentation to the Committee on ‘What does RE look like in Trelewis Community Schools’ giving details of the following:


·         Number of Pupils in the School

·         Attendance at Places of Worship

·         Links with the Church in Treharris

·         School Assemblies

·         Scheme of Works – Agreed Syllabus

·         Way Forward:

·         Review and Restock of Artefacts

·         Review of Staff Timetables for Teaching RE

·         Visits to a Synagogue or Temple

·         Examples of Pupils Work


Vicky Thomas advised that flyers were currently being prepared for circulation to schools giving links to access materials in relation to the Foundation Phase and that this was a free resource.  She would circulate information to schools.


Vicky Thomas also referred to support and links between schools especially with their partner secondary schools.  The partner secondary school present agreed that they could be contacted for loan of artefacts etc.


A Member enquired if any free transport was available from local Organisations for school visits e.g Places of Worship.


A Committee Member advised that they would make enquiries on this matter and report back to the next Committee Meeting.



Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor G Lewis, Sian Bernard Henderson, Lee-anne McCarthy, Katy Thomas, Ann Star and Sarah Bowen.


Councillor K Moran advised that she would have to leave the Meeting early to attend a School Governors Meeting.


Declarations of Interest


No Declarations of Interest were made.


Minutes of last meeting on the 1st November 2016 pdf icon PDF 88 KB


Resolved that:


The Minutes of the Meeting held 1 November 2016 be accepted as a correct record.


Matters Arising


Arising on Minute No 585 - Monitoring Visit –Twynyrodyn Primary School Vicky Thomas referred the Committee to Agenda Item 13 and the letter received from ESTYN in relation to this matter.  The school had been informed and Vicky Thomas had responded to Estyn.


Arising on Minute No 587 – SACRE Annual Report the Committee were advised that the report had been circulated.


The letter in relation to Schools Statutory requirements for Religious Education had also been sent to all Schools within the County Borough.


Arising on Minute No 594 – Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 and update was received by the Committee detailing how Afon Taf High School had participated in the day.


Reverend Mark Prevett also shared with the Committee the Service that had been held on this day.


Reverend Prevett also advised the Committee of the Holocaust Memorial Garden that had been created at the rear of the Central Library.


Vicky Thomas advised that it would be good for Schools to be made aware of the Garden.


A Member advised that they would raise this issue with the Communications Team at the Authority.


Vicky Thomas also advised that she would raise the issue with Sarah Bowen to share with Schools.


Analysis of examination results 2016 (See Appendix) pdf icon PDF 82 KB


Vicky Thomas referred the Committee in detail to the ‘Analysis of Examination Results 2016’ report and also circulated the Merthyr Tydfil Examination Data in relation to GCSE and GCSE Short Course.


Resolved that:


(a)  The Examination Results 2016 be noted

(b)  The findings be circulated to Secondary Schools in the Authority


KS3 Levels Data 2015 and 2016 pdf icon PDF 65 KB


Vicky Thomas led the Committee in detail through the ‘Key Stage 3: Year 9 Religious Education Levels 2015 and 2016’ report.


Resolved that:


The report and data be noted and the findings be circulated to Secondary Schools.


Examinations Specifications / GCSE Support Programme pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Vicky Thomas referred the Committee in detail to the ‘GCSE Consortia Arrangements / Specifications’ report.


Vicky Thomas also referred to Curriculum Lead Practitioners for RE and recommended that a Lead Practitioner be invited to attend the Summer Committee Meeting.


Vicky Thomas then referred to the Network Meetings and as some teacher Members said they were unaware of these she advised that she would supply contact details if Secondary School Teachers wished to attend.


Resolved that:


(a)  The developments relating to the support for schools with the revised specifications for GCSE be noted

(b)   The Curriculum Lead(s) be invited to attend the Summer Committee Meeting to address the Committee on their work

(c)    Vicky Thomas to inform schools of the dates of the Network Meetings and their Lead Practitioners for GCSE contact details


National Curriculum Review and Assessment: Update pdf icon PDF 89 KB


Vicky Thomas referred the Committee in detail to the ‘National Curriculum Review Update’ report and the Curriculum for Wales Newsletter.


Resolved that:


The developments relating to the position of RE in the curriculum be noted.


Councillor K Moran left the Meeting at 5.00pm.


Estyn Annual Remit 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 43 KB


Vicky Thomas referred the Committee in detail to ‘The Annual Estyn Remit 2017/18’ report.


Resolved that:


The report be noted.


Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: Feedback - SACRE Members


This Item had been considered previously in the Meeting under Matters Arising.


WASACRE Issues: pdf icon PDF 250 KB

·         Feedback from meeting at Carmarthen  -  18th November 2016.


·         Verbal Feedback on Spring Meeting at Usk, Monmouthshire  -  3rd March 2017.


·         Representation at the Summer WASACRE Meeting at Wrexham  -  7th July 2017.


·         Nominations to the WASACRE Executive.


Vicky Thomas referred the Committee to the Minutes of the WASACRE Meeting held 18 November 2016.


Vicky Thomas also referred the Committee to future WASACRE Meeting dates and advised that up to four Members of the SACRE were able to attend the WASACRE Meetings and requested that if a Committee Member was interested in attending a WASACRE Meeting to advise the SACRE at the next Committee Meeting.


The Chair Councillor E C Galsworthy then advised that he would attend the WASACRE Meeting in Wrexham in the Summer 2017 together with Vicky Thomas if possible.


Vicky Thomas then referred the Committee to the report on ‘Executive Voting’ and the vacant position of WASACRE Vice-Chair and advised the Committee that a nomination could be made by the Committee for this position and explained the nomination process.


Councillor E C Galsworthy advised that he would like to put himself forward for the position of Vice-Chair on the WASACRE but was mindful of the forthcoming Local Government Elections.


Resolved that:


Councillor E C Galsworthy be nominated for the vacant position of Vice-Chair on the WASACRE and that this nomination be endorsed by the SACRE Committee.


Correspondence pdf icon PDF 382 KB

·         Estyn response in relation to the Monitoring visit at Twynyrodyn Primary School.


·         Letter sent to all Schools within the County Borough in relation to their Statutory requirements for Religious Education. 

Additional documents:


This item had been considered earlier in the Meeting under Matters Arising.


Any other item deemed urgent by the Chair


The Chair advised that there was no business deemed urgent.


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