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The Chair welcomed Anne Roberts, Co-optee, to her first meeting of the Learning and LAESCYP Scrutiny Committee.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence received from Councillor K Moran.


Declarations of Interest (including whipping declarations)

Members of this Committee are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct.  In addition, Members must declare any prohibited party whip which the Member has been given in relation to the meeting as per the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011. 




a.    Members are reminded that they must identify the item number and subject matter that their interest relates to and signify the nature of the personal interest; and


b.    Where Members withdraw from a meeting as a consequence of the disclosure of a prejudicial interest they must notify the Chair when they leave.



No declarations of interest were made.


Strategy to improve Outcomes for more and Able and Talented Pupils pdf icon PDF 147 KB

See attached report.


Dorothy Haines took the Committee through the report and gave an update on the key areas for improvement which were identified by the Learning Performance Board including the attainment of more able and talented pupils. 


Officers provided advice and background information in relation to the following questions from the Committee:


·         Does each of our Schools have a co-ordinator responsible for MAT pupils?


·         Is there a standard protocol across all schools on how they address more able and talented pupils?  What is the involvement of Headteachers?


·         In relation to the Capita One Information System  -  is the collection of data and analysis now simple to produce and widely used in Schools across the Borough?


·         The transition arrangements from primary to secondary schools to ensure that students maintain their academic momentum into Year 7.


·         In relation the department’s ambition to be ranked within the top 10 local authorities in Wales by 2017  -  should you have an ambition more specific to the MAT pupils, and how are we to promote this in Schools to raise targets?


·         In relation to Appendix 1 (Foundation Phase)  -  although it has been identified that we have made improvements in personal and social development but we still 22 out of 22 Authorities.  What strategies could we put in place to improve this?


·         Clarification on people performance data.


·         Taking forward Parental Engagement.




The Committee notes the contents of the report.


Education Services - Strategy on a Page pdf icon PDF 201 KB

See attached report


Dorothy Haines advised members on the current position against the Strategy on a page for the theme Raising Standards and outlined the progress against the aims, measurable outcomes and the desirable outcomes included in the Strategy on a page. 


Officers provided advice and background information in relation to the following questions from the Committee:


·         Clarification on the review and challenge of the effectiveness and composition of governing bodies.


·         How will the re-profiling of the Education Welfare Service impact on our aspirations to raise attendance?  


·         How many schools have bought into the new service?  How will we be able to monitor the effectiveness of schools’ own strategies and initiatives?


·         The process of holding to account schools where standards remain below the median.


·         Are we on target to be ranked within the top 10 Local Authorities in Wales across all the key indicators by 2017?


·         Clarification on the strategic review of LRB classes and the remodelling of the Local Authority’s ALN and Inclusion Services in response to the new legislation.




The committee notes the contents of the report.


Scrutiny Referrals, Feedback and Follow up Actions pdf icon PDF 235 KB

To receive any referrals from the other Scrutiny Committees and Audit Committee; an update from the Chair on their attendance at the Service Performance Challenge Meetings and to consider any follow up actions from the previous Meeting(s). See attached referral.


The Chair advised the Committee of the referral from the Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Committee in relation to Carbon Management Activities and the impact that it has and also the availability of SALIX interest free loans.


Dorothy Haines gave an update to the Committee in relation to several schools who have previously accessed the SALIX funding and also how to progress this across Schools within the Borough.   




Committee notes the contents of the referral.


Councillor H Jones left the meeting at 4.55 pm.


Reflection and Evaluation of Meeting

To receive an update from the Chair


The Chair and the Committee reflected in detail on the issues that had been considered at the meeting, in particular:


·         Capita One.


·         Targets set for different groups.


·         Commission additional training for boys’ writing.


·         Strategy under Additional Learning Needs (ALN).


·         Concerns over strategic review.


·         Effectiveness of Governors.


Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 170 KB

See attached report.

Additional documents:


The Chair to liaise with the Scrutiny Officer on the Forward Work Programme.


Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair


The Chair advised that there was no business deemed urgent.


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