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Ymddiheuriadau am absenoldeb / Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Anne Roberts (Co-optee).


Datgan buddiant (yn cynnwys datganiadau chwipio) / Declarations of Interest (including whipping declarations)


Councillor K Moran declared an interest in Item 4 as she is a Local Authority Governor at Afon Taf High School but has dispensation to speak and vote.


Effeithiolrwydd y Consortiwm Canolog y De / The Effectiveness of the Central South Consortium (CSC) pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Ystyried adroddiad y Prif Swyddog (Dysgu) / To consider report of the Chief Officer (Learning).


The Chair welcomed Hannah Woodhouse from the Central South Consortium to the meeting.


Dorothy Haines then took the Committee through the report, as follows:


·         Background of inspections carried out and the outcomes. 


·         Relationship between the Consortium and the Local Authority in terms of delivering school improvement. 


·         Hannah Woodhouse’s Estyn report of Central South Consortium.


·         The role of the Central South Consortium. 


·         Where we want to be to continue making good progress and supporting the Consortium.


·         What we need to do next to ensure that improvements in outcomes continue. 


Hannah Woodhouse gave an update on the positives on the Estyn Report.   She handed out to members data which included the summer results across the region.  


Hannah Woodhouse and Dorothy Haines provided advice and background information in relation to the following questions from the Committee:


·         We don’t want our Schools to go back to red or get stuck in the amber category  -  how does the Central South Consortium (CSC) sustain improvements to ensure progression from amber to yellow to green does not slow or stop? 


·         Is there an established number of staff in the CSC to ensure that the quality of work produced by the Challenge Advisors is consistent?


·         The five Authorities each pay an agreed amount to the CSC - do you find you have to spend proportionately more on any particular Authority?


·         In relation to the CSC’s initiatives that are underway to improve support provision  -  what are the performance monitoring arrangements to ensure progress against each initiative is clearly understood?


·         Are you experiencing any resistance or difficulties in your working with schools or the LEA in Merthyr Tydfil?


·         The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act is about looking to the future  -  Is the CSC setting the right priorities now to achieve this?


·         Clarification on whether there is a fully operational system in place which captures all relevant data.


·         In relation to Welsh Government ruling out a joint scrutiny model  -  can you explain why this was ruled out and what model was agreed?


·         How confident can we be that the CSC’s evaluation of school performance is consistent with our own learning service evaluation. 


·         Is there anything you would like this Scrutiny Committee to focus on over the coming year?


·         Has the CSC got concerns with regard to the expertise of our Governors across the region. 




·         The Committee notes the contents of the report.  


·         In response to a question, Hannah Woodhouse suggested that this Committee may wish to have a regular update on the CSC’s progress in addressing the Estyn recommendations following the inspection of the CSC. 


The Chair thanked Hannah Woodhouse for attending this Scrutiny Committee today. 


Adroddiad Perfformiad - Cynllun Corfforaethol Maes Blaenoriaeth 1 - Codi safonau cyrhaeddiad / Performance Report - Corporate Plan Priority Area 1 - Raising standards of attainment pdf icon PDF 134 KB

Ystyried adroddiad y Prif Swyddog (Dysgu) / To consider report of the Chief Officer (Learning).


Additional documents:


Dorothy Haines took members through the report in relation to Priority Area 1 (Raising Standards of Attainment) and highlighted the key points, as follows:


·         Verified data for Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. 


·         Provisional data for Key Stage 4.


·         Raising Standards Strategy.


·         Outcomes of termly visits from Estyn.


·         Background of where we were in relation to the outcomes.


·         How things have improved in terms of outcomes and rankings in the three Key Stages.


·         Verification of teacher assessment data.


·         Verification of test data.  


·         Flying Start and the contribution it has made.  


·         School finances. 


Officers provided advice and background information in relation to the following questions from the Committee:


·         Clarification of the Senior Challenge Advisor within the Authority. 


·         How are you going to reach the attendance target for 2016/17 and do you work collaboratively with wider partners to help improve attendance?


·         Clarification on the Schools Challenge Cymru funding, when it will end and what will the consequences be. 


·         In relation to Flying Start, is it certain areas that a particular health care visitor covers?


·         Is there a direct link with those parents who are not taking up Flying Start and not sending their children to School.   Do we have any data to reflect this? 


Councillor Harvey Jones, Portfolio Member for Learning, referred to Appendix 1 on page 45 of the agenda, and took members through the outcomes and rankings at Foundation Stage, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. 


He wished to congratulate all Schools, Headteachers and Staff who have work tirelessly in order to assist us to produce these results.  




·         The judgements and evaluations are noted. 


Cyfeiriadau Craffu, Adborth a Gweithredu Dilynol / Scrutiny Referrals, Feedback and Follow up Actions

Derbyn diweddariad oddi wrth y Cadeirydd / To receive an update from the Chair



Alan Rees (co-optee) left the meeting at 5.15 pm. 


The Chair advised that there was no update on this item.


Myfyrio ar y Cyfarfod a'i Gwerthuso / Reflection and Evaluation of Meeting

Derbyn diweddariad oddi wrth y Cadeirydd / To receive an update from the Chair


The Chair and the Committee reflected in detail on the issues that had been considered at the meeting, in particular:


·         Estyn Monitoring visit update from Dorothy Haines.


·         Continue to capture progress against our Estyn recommendations within our work programme.


·         Look at capacity for leadership in the borough.


·         Future Leaders.


·         Test and Teacher Assessment data.


·         School progress on Estyn Inspection.  


Rhaglenni Gwaith Pwyllgor Craffu 2016-17 / Scrutiny Work Programme 2016-17

I ystyried yr adroddiad amgaeëdig / To consider the attached report



The Chair to liaise with the Scrutiny Officer on the Forward Work Programme.




Unrhyw Fater Arall y mae'r Cadeirydd yn ei ystyried yn Bwysig / Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair pdf icon PDF 170 KB

Additional documents:


The Chair advised that there was no business deemed urgent. 


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