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Apologies received from Paul Phillips and Lisbeth McClean


Declarations of Interest (including whipping declarations)

Members are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government and Finance Act 1992 relating to Council Tax, the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct




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No declarations of interest were received.


Forward Work Programme 2022/2023 pdf icon PDF 310 KB

To consider the attached report.

Additional documents:


Item presented by the Chair

The committee is pleased that the forward work programme is progressing as planned. Consideration for future items for the programme.


No questions were raised



Vulnerable Learners –provision for those Educated other than at school (EOTAS) to consider the use of Reduced Timetables pdf icon PDF 350 KB

To consider the attached report.


Presented by: Cllr Michelle Jones

The recommendations as contained within the report were approved.


The following questions were raised;

How many children have we got going to independent schools and are they within the borough?

Answered by G Metheringham.


Is there further work to be done with all schools?

Answered by G Metheringham.


Effectiveness of the reduced timetable?

Answered by G Metheringham.


How successful are you in getting pupils back into mainstream education – with statistics?

Answered by G Metheringham


Can this be replicated across other schools – what information is passed on for this to happen?

Answered by S Walker.


Relating to outcomes – if this is not achieved by KS4 – how does this compare?

Answered by S Walker and G Metheringham.


Is there capacity within the PRU for those who need it?

Answered by G Metheringham


Do you believe there is a higher percentage of ETOAS children on free school meals?

Answered by G Metheringham


Do children on special tuition or reduced timetable receive access to a free school meal?

Answered by S Walker


Is there a risk that these vulnerable children are disadvantaged without this meal?

Answered by S Walker.

During covid there were pupils that thrived with the hybrid system – have you considered using a hybrid system for those who thrived during covid and can achieve their GCSEs? Have you noticed an increase in referrals?

Answered by G Metheringham and S Walker


What are the average hours and what classes are taught on the reduced timetable?

Answered by G Metheringham


How does the Family Liaison officer link with other services to ensure support?

Answered by G Metheringham


With 111 pupils on a reduced timetable for more than 4 weeks – what support do we consider before the 4 week notice? Is early intervention considered?

Answered by G Metheringham


In what ways are we dealing with behavioural issues? What family support is available? How do we define behavioural issues?

Answered by G Metheringham


Are behavioural reasons the main reason for a reduced timetable in KS3 and 4?

Answered by G Metheringham & S Walker


Have we got case studies for success measures?

Answered by S Walker


In relation to 6.3 do we know what these options will look like for example safe spaces abd mindfulness programmes?

Answered by G Metheringham and S Walker


Would it be possible to collaborate with the officers through a workshop?

Answered by the Chair and S Walker


6.1 – Do we have staff that are fully trauma trained in order to aid with behavioural issues?

Answered by G Metheringham.



Comment from Cllr J Scriven regarding passive trauma and the importance of supporting the entire family of the young person.



Report Recommendations

Did we address the recommendations in each report and how have we added value?


Feedback on Scrutiny Activities

Any outstanding actions?  Feedback from workshops / task and finish groups / enquiry days, etc.


Did the Scrutiny committee add value?

It was accepted that excellent questions were raised however, there is still work to be done. For example, scrutiny of the estyn report.

Request for additional workshops for information so that items can be added to the forward work programme and scrutinized to a high standard.



Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair


Cllr Scriven queried whether the committee had a young persons representative. Every effort will be made to find a suitable representative.


No other business was deemed urgent by the chair.


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