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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Co-opted member Brian Lewis.


Declarations of Interest (including whipping declarations)

Members are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government and Finance Act 1992 relating to Council Tax, the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct




(a)  Members are reminded that they must identify the item number and subject matter that their interest relates to and signify the nature of the personal interest and


(b)  Where Members withdraw from a Meeting as a consequence of the disclosure of a prejudicial interest they must notify the Chair when they leave


No Declarations of Interest were made.


Barod Presentation

To receive Barod presentation


The Chair welcomed Rob Barker and Sian Prior from Barod who presented to the committee a breakdown of the services they provide in the Cwm Taf area.


Rob Barker introduced himself and Sian to the committee and explained that Drug Aid became Barod on 31st December 2017.


The presentation covered the following areas


·         Overview of Barod in Cwm Taf

·         Barod Services in Cwm Taf

·         Adult Services

·         Children and Young People

·         After Care

·         Snap shot of what is available

·         Operational bases and clinics

·         Key Partners

·         Campaigns

·         Setting the scene

·         Current Trends

·         Outcomes 2017-2018

·         Therapeutic interventions


The following questions were raised by the committee and responded to by the Barod representatives


·         Clarification was sought in relation to the increased use of Spice in Merthyr Tydfil area.

·         Do you ever ban service users, if so what reason

·         How can we work in partnership to tackle the issue of dirty needles being discarded around the County Borough

·         Of the needles given out what percentage are returned

·         How many needles are given out each year

·         What ratio of needles are given out to steroid users compared to hard drug users

·         How do members of the public access the services

·         Are roadshow events held in the community

·         Do you visit schools and at what age do you target young children


The Committee thanked the officers for the in-depth presentation and raised the issue of tackling the issues at source with the children on the street corners as there is a major lack of youth services in the County Borough and the possibility of engaging with parents so they are aware of the drug issues and what signs to look out for in their own children.




Wales Community Care Information System (WCCIS) Implementation and Performance Update pdf icon PDF 208 KB

To consider report of the Chief Officer Social Services


Lisa Curtis-Jones introduced the report and explained that the report had been brought back to Scrutiny due to previous issues around providing the necessary social services performance data and the implementation of the new computer system.


The following questions were raised by the committee and responded to by the appropriate officers.


·         When will the system be able to produce 100% of the data required


·         How long will the training provided by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) last


·         Are there any financial implications in relation to the training be provided BCBC


·         Who provided the training to BCBC


·         Why wasn’t training provided by the software company


·         Is the training from BCBC sufficient


·         Has the issue been raised with the software company in relation to the poor training and were there any penalties placed on the supplier


·         The report states that the Performance framework is subject to further review – will this be problematic for this committee not have comparable data year on year


·         As an authority are we represented on the Business Intelligence Group to share our concerns around the changing of the data sets


·         Are there any barriers we need to be aware of that would stop you achieving the outcomes stated in 6.1 of the report


·         In terms of capacity, is there an appetite for Families First and Flying-Start to migrate onto WCCIS


·         Is there any schedule for when Cwm Taf Health Board will Go Live on the new system


·         As a Local Authority do we have any influence on when the Health Board sign up


·         Social Services Quantitative data is excellent but the Qualitative data is anecdotal and sporadic and with time and money being precious in operating the system would it be worth just concentrating on the quantitative data


·         60% of adults completed Reablement – how does this figure compare with other local authorities


·         Is the figure provided for Reablement for the full or half year


·         How have you managed to cope with the increase over the two year period


·         What housing support do we provide for care leavers in the Local Authority


·         Is there any work being carried out with our social landlords in the County Borough in terms of their vacant housing so that a favourable rate could be negotiated


·         Performance Indicator 24 show a drop in assessments completed for children within the statutory timescales – can you provide the committee with some background and reasons behind this


·         Performance Indicator 27 shows that 7 children within the local authority were re-registered on the Child Protection Register – can you please provide the committee with some background and the reasons for this


·         A number of Indicators show a fall in the figures, would it be possible for the appropriate officer to circulate list of the reasons for these changes rather than go through them all now


·         Since Full Council passed the motion that care leavers are exempt from paying Council Tax has a process be put in place to ensure that all care leavers are exempted


·         At  ...  view the full minutes text for item 58.


Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) Inspection

To receive a verbal update on feedback


Lisa Curtis-Jones provided the committee with a verbal update in relation to the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) Inspection and acknowledged that Annabel and the Children Services staff worked extremely hard in preparation for the inspection.


No written report has been received as of yet but some positive verbal feedback has been received. Once the written report has been received the findings will be formally reported to the committee.


Annabel also thanked all of her staff for their hard work leading up to the inspection.


The Chair thanked the officers for the verbal update and stated he looked forward to receiving the official report in the near future.


Scrutiny Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 438 KB

To consider the attached report

Additional documents:


The following questions were raised by members in relation to the work programme and were responded to by the appropriate officers:


·         The work programme states that the committee will receive an annual report in relation to Social Services, is it possible to receive quarterly reports to allow better understanding of the service


·         It’s been noted that there is nothing in the work programme in relation to Review on Supporting People, Community Care, Contracts and Commissioning as it is felt that it is a substantial piece of work for the local authority which would sit under this remit is it possible for these to be added




Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

To receive an update from the Chair


No update was provided by the Chair in relation to the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014.


Scrutiny Referrals, Feedback and Follow up Actions


The Chair advised that there was no update on this item.


Reflection and Evaluation of Meeting

To receive an update from the Chair


The Chair and the Committee reflected on the issues that had been considered.


Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair


The Chair thanked the Scrutiny Manager Howard Jones for his years of service and all the support he provided to him as the Chair of Social Services and wished him a very happy retirement.


Councillor Ian Thomas also thanked Howard Jones for his professional support and friendly manner before wishing him all the best in his retirement.




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