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Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from the following people:


Councillor Anne Moore (Committee Member)

Councillor Peter A Rees (Committee Member)



Declarations of Interest


No declarations were noted.


Minutes of Previous Meeting(s) pdf icon PDF 108 KB

To receive Minutes of the Meeting held 18 October 2016


Resolved that:


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th October 2016 be accepted as an accurate record.



Briefing Session

A briefing session for Panel Members will be held from 10.35am to 11.05am (approximately) prior to the arrival of any invited attendees or witnesses to the Meeting.



Mr. Simon Jones addressed the Panel and advised them that he had received a statement from four complainants who wished to submit the same to the meeting today. Mr Jones explained to the Panel the process for dealing with complaints and the powers of the Panel in investigating complaints. The Panel agreed that the statement from the complainants would be read out at the beginning of the meeting after the Police and Crime Commissioner and his team arrive.


The Panel then went on to discuss other questions to be asked of the Commissioner in relation to the agenda items.


Mr Simon Jones and Mr Howard Jones left the room at 10:55am to ask the Commissioner and his team to attend the meeting and advise the members of the public that the meeting was due to be opened.


Refresh of the Police and Crime Plan pdf icon PDF 40 KB

To consider the attached report



At 11am Mr Simon Jones and Mr Howard Jones returned to the room.


Mr Alun Michael, Police and Crime Commissioner entered the room at 11am along with Mr. Peter Vaughan, Mr. John Drake, Mr. Lee Jones, Mr. Mark Brace, Mr. Cerith Thomas, Mr. Geoff Petty and Mr. Umar Hussain.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised the Commissioner that the Panel had received a statement concerning a complaint. The complainants were in attendance and were informed by the Chair that no questions could be asked of the Panel at this meeting. Mr Simon Jones advised that complaints were on the agenda at item 8 and that the complaint to which the statement related was one of the complaints detailed in that agenda item. Mr Jones read the statement to the Panel and advised that the normal procedure would be followed in providing a response to this complaint.


The Chair then moved on to the next matter on the agenda which was the Refresh of the Police and Crime Plan. The Chair handed over to Mr. Alun Michael to begin to the topic. A handout was provided which was the Executive Summary of the South Wales Police and Crime Reduction Plan 2017-21.


Mr. Michael talked through the summary and explained that development of Public Service Boards is continuing across the seven Local Authority areas. Mr. Michael has written to the Public Service Board to ask them to refresh the arrangements to reflect the criminal legislation and Future Generations Act to look at local priorities. Mr. Michael also explained that there is a lot of work going on in terms of collaboration and the Panel will see an increased degree of this between the Police and Crime Panels and the Police.


Mr. Michael confirmed that the priorities remain the same as the original plan.


Resolved that:


The report was accepted.


Governance Operating Manual pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider the attached report



The Chair handed over to Mr. Michael to begin this subject. He addressed the structure of the Commissioner’s team and gave detail of the current roles and responsibilities of his staff and the reporting structure within the Commissioner’s organisation.


Mr. Michael explained the Governance Structure as found on Page 11 of the agenda pack. Mr. Michael explained the Gold, Silver and Bronze boards and which Board undertakes which priorities from the Police and Crime Plan.

Mr. Michael invited Mr. Peter Vaughan, Mr. Mark Brace, Mr. Lee Jones and Mr. John Drake to contribute comments about the structure. All agreed that the Governance Structure works very well and is easy for all to understand and gives a clear line of sight.


The Chair thanked the Commissioner for his report and asked the Panel for any questions or comments. No questions were asked on the topic of the Governance Structure, but Cllr. Robert Smith wished to note that he would read through the handouts and reserve any questions for the next meeting.


Mr. Mel Jehu wished to congratulate the Commissioner and his team on the recent positive HMIC report on the visibility of the South Wales Police.


Further questions were asked relating to domestic violence definitions, including coercive control, and criminal damage. Answers were provided by the Commissioner and his team.


The Chair thanked all for their contributions.


Financial Update Presentation

To receive a presentation from the Commissioner


The Chair opened this topic and handed over to Mr. Michael to begin the presentation. A handout of the presentation was provided entitled, ‘Emerging Issues. Medium Term Financial Strategy 2017-2021’.


Mr Michael began the presentation and explained that it is important to view the journey so far. He presented on the following:


  • The Police and Crime Reduction Plan Priorities
  • Commissioner Interventions


The Commissioner then handed over to Mr. Peter Vaughan to continue the presentation. Mr. Vaughan continued to present on the slides.


  • Core Business and Partnerships
  • Ambition
  • HMIC
  • Protected Local Services


Mr. Vaughan then handed over to Mr. John Drake to continue the presentation. Mr. Drake confirmed that the focus on vulnerability is the priority of priorities. Mr Drake then continued with the presentation slides.


  • Over the past year
  • Understanding Our Demand
  • Operation Liberty
  • Matching Resource to Risk and Demand


Mr. Michael then thanked them for their presentation and handed over to Mr. Umar Hussain and Mr. Geoff Petty to continue with the financial updates. Mr. Petty explained that they have yet to receive the grant announcement but it is due this week. Mr. Hussain and Mr. Petty presented the following information:


  • Review of 2016/17 Budget
  • Review 2016/17 Financial Projections
  • Autumn Statement 2016
  • History of Police Funding
  • Changes to Assumptions
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Financial Projections – 2017/18
  • Emerging Budget Issues – 2017/18
  • Funding Formula Journey
  • Current Funding Disadvantages
  • Funding Floor Equalisation
  • Area Cost Adjustment
  • SWP Precept History


Questions were asked by the Panel throughout the presentation and answers were provided in detail.


The Chair thanked all who had presented for their contributions.


Oversight of Complaints pdf icon PDF 169 KB

To consider the attached report



The Chair advised that the information is available for the Panel to consider.



Schedule of Meetings pdf icon PDF 119 KB

To consider the attached report



The Chair asked the Panel to consider the schedule. The next meeting is Thursday 26th January 2017.


Mr. Mel Jehu asked if the Panel may consider extra meetings. The Panel discussed this and agreed that the schedule may include extra meetings, subject to any future Panel being able to adjust as required.


Resolved that:


Schedule agreed.


Annual Work Programme pdf icon PDF 328 KB

To consider the attached report



The Chair asked for any comments on the Annual Work Programme and Mr. Jehu asked if the Commissioner could arrange a presentation on Professional Standards for a future meeting. Mr. Michael agreed.


Any further questions relating to the topic are to be emailed to Mr. Simon Jones and he will arrange for them to be sent to the Commissioner or put on the next meeting’s agenda.


Any Other Business deemed urgent by the Chair


No other business to be discussed.


The Chair closed the meeting at 1pm.


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