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Martyn Jones gave advice to Commission On Justice In Wales.

Mel Jehu advised family members are members of the Police Force but that does not affect his role.


Interim Financial Report for 2019/2020 pdf icon PDF 101 KB

To consider the attached report


Alun Michael advised this is an interim report.

Alun Michael read through report and addressed the following items;

  • Headline Facts & Figures of the South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner’s Operations;
  • The 2019-2020 Police Grant Settlement;
  • There has not been an increase in what the Home Office provides;
  • Key Facts;


Mel Jehu asked because of the issues that have been pushed our way will it fundamentally change objectives of your Police Plan this year.

Alun Michael responded no. 

Mel Jehu thanked the Commissioner for the report.


Resolved that:


A more detailed report to be brought back to the Panel with a profile on how to meet the £7.2m savings during this financial year.




IRIS (Identification to Improve Safety) Implementation in South Wales


Alun Michael explained the background to the presentation.

Peter Rees asked were the statistics based on violence against women, as the report did not mention men.

Alun Michael responded it did not, the primary statistical target was women, but not exclusively.

Peter Rees added there was not a refuge for men in South Wales.

Christine Richards supported the work being undertaken and stated that the GP training element should be extended to all GPs and that this should be flagged up at a higher level.

Alun Michael responded agreed and stated that the impetus from research in Bristol was to have this as a basic requirement through the Health Service.  Training is available for other staff as well.

Rhys Lewis asked has there been a degree of cultural resistance.

Alun Michael responded that there was positive engagement throughout the service.

Emma Wools added that IRIS was providing support to professionals.

Sherelle Jago asked if the Police make referrals to Social Services in circumstances where there are children living in a home where there is a report of violence.

Alun Michael responded yes, and that he was a strong supporter of the MASH.

Martin Jones commented domestic violence is often linked to dementia and stated that Magistrates were concerned that perpetrators may be short circuiting the court system.

Emma Wools added there was far more work to be done regarding information sharing.

Alun Michael stated that he found engagement with Magistrates very positive.

Peter Rees asked who determined what happens to people with mental health issues.

Alun Michael responded that is done by GPs with a referral made by Health.

Christine Richards stated that she would raise this matter with the Leader of Swansea.



Resolved that:


The contents of the presentation be noted.



Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls


Emma Wools explained background to presentation.


Strategic Commitment


Setting out the VAWG portfolio has been a strategic commitment for the commissioner since the start of the first ever South Wales Police Plan for Tackling Violence against Women and Girls Strategy 2014-17 in partnership with the force.

  • A review was carried out from the first strategy in order to incorporate the learning and assist in the new planning process
  • The second strategy is currently being formulated which will incorporate commitment of our wider partners
  • Links identified between VAWDASV agenda and other key policy areas


Developed through:

  • Wide consultation with partners and survivors
  • Ensuring alignment with local level strategic plans

Ø  Prepare  - Enhanced Collaboration

Ø  Prevent – Early Identification

Ø  Protect – Safeguarding

Ø  Pursue – Responding to perpetrators


Christine Richards asked if this was on the agenda to go into schools and how were children being targeted.

Emma Wools responded there was a significant Police presence in schools, and that a review of the schools program had been commissioned.  She stated that they were looking at many different ways to engage with local education providers to be able to intervene early.

Christine Richards added the phrase ‘joined up’ was very important as it was instilling into all children they have a voice and a right to be heard.

Peter Rees asked if they were having dialogue with School Governors so that this was on the agenda of every school governor meeting.

Sherelle Jago added that prevention and raising awareness was key. 

Emma Wools advised Keith Towler was chairing a Board review of Youth Services on behalf of Welsh Government.

Mel Jehu added that the meaningful words of your first plan have been put into meaningful action.  The Panel fully supports all the work that is going on.


Resolved that:

The Panel fully supported the work being undertaken to tackle violence against women and girls.



Combating Violent Crime


Emma Wills gave a presentation

Three approaches have been identified to tackle serious violence amongst young people;

  • One to one direct intervention and holistic support (St Giles Trust)
  • Positive activities through sporting intervention (Street Games)
  • Education and awareness (Crimestoppers)


It is hoped to launch the framework at a conference on 23rd May.


Martyn Jones asked if Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act for Local Authorities was being utilised.

Emma Wools responded there was already legislation that put duties on partners and that was as strong as it needs to be.  She confirmed that they had invested in a member of staff to work with Community Safety Partnerships on particular priority areas.

Alun Michael added the Welsh Government is taking a positive approach to Community Safety and each PSB and LA across South Wales had agreed to feed into the PSB.


Resolved that:


That the work being undertaken in relation to combating violent crime be noted.



Welsh Government and Ministry of Justice Initiatives on Women Offenders and Youth offending


Emma Wools gave the presentation.

Women’s Pathfinder Whole System Approach Commissioned Service

·                An early intervention and prevention service

·                A function serving to join up agencies and stages of the system through;

·                Supporting the transition arrangements and providing continuity throughout the system

·                Coordinating the multi-agency response to support where more than one agency is involved with a service user – supported by HMPPS coordinator / integrator role


Two Government Ministers agreed there should be a blueprint on;

  • Tackling youth offending
  • Women offenders pathfinder blueprint


Mel Jehu thanked Alun Michael and that the presentation had been useful in bringing into context the work the Commissioner was doing and the impact it was having and the value to the community.


Women going to prison was having a huge impact.

Peter Rees added that as there was not a prison for women in Wales we should be looking at addressing that.


Resolved that:


That the work being undertaken in relation to on women offenders and youth offending be noted.




Work Plan 2019/2020 pdf icon PDF 327 KB

To consider the attached report


Simon Jones took the Panel through the Work Program Report and advised of the proposed dates for the forthcoming year;

4th June 2019 (Annual Meeting)

17th September 2019 (Annual Report)

10th December 2019

30th January 2020 (Precept meeting);

24th April 2020

4th June 2020 (Annual meeting)


Resolved that:


The dates and work program be accepted.



Update on WLGA PCP Training Event on 26 March 2019


Simon Jones explained this is a yearly event organised by WLGA.  There were workshops and an opportunity to network.  Four members of the panel attended which was disappointing but consistent with other Panels.  It is hoped we will have better attendance next time.


Resolved that:


Simon Jones to send out notes of training day.



Any other business deemed urgent by the Chair




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