Agenda and minutes


No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence received from Councillors Gareth Lewis, Michelle Jones, Scott Thomas and Ian Thomas.  


Apologies were also received from Howard Jackson, Kath Phelan, Robert Holdaway, Hilary Hopkins, Claire Payne, Helen Powell (Co-optees) and Kaitlin Sutton, Morgan Ellis, Tomas Butler, Euan Wilkins-Campbell and Eve Davies (Youth Forum Representatives).


Declarations of Interest (including whipping declarations)

Members of this Committee are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members’ Code of Conduct.   In  addition Members must declare any prohibited party whip which the Member has been given in relation to the meeting as per the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011.




a.    Members are reminded that they must identify the item number and subject matter that their interest relates to and signify the nature of the personal interest; and


b.    Where Members withdraw from a meeting as a consequence of the disclosure of a prejudicial interest they must notify the Chair when they leave.


Councillor David Jones declared his interest in Ref. No. 4 (Neigh BC 2).


Councillor Malcolm Colbran declared his interest in Reference No. 4 (Neigh BC 2) and Ref. Nos. 6 and 7 (Cent BC 3).


Councillor Declan Sammon declared his interest in Ref. No. 9 (Cent BC 4).


Councillor Tanya Skinner declared her interest in Ref. No. 9 (Cent BC 4).







The public be excluded from the meeting on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 14 and 15 under Part 4 of Schedule 12A Section 100 (A) (4) of the Local Government Act 1972.


Corporate Sustainability Programme - Proposals

To consider report of the Interim Chief Executive


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and referred to the Corporate Sustainability Programme Report and Schedules outlining proposals for each department which were available on the iPad via the app.


She advised that the Committee would go through the proposals on each schedule to give members an opportunity to ask questions when appropriate.


Questions were then raised by members on the proposals within the schedules and business cases and were responded to in detail by officers and Cabinet Members.


The following Councillors left the meeting when the proposals they declared on were discussed:


·         Councillor David Jones  -  Ref. No. 4 (Neigh BC 2).

·         Councillor Malcolm Colbran  -  Ref. No. 4 (Neigh BC 2) and Ref. Nos. 6 and 7 (Cent BC 3).

·         Councillor Declan Sammon  -  Ref. No. 9 (Cent BC 4).

·         Councillor Tanya Skinner  -  Ref. No. 9 (Cent BC 4).


As Councillor Tanya Skinner declared her interest on Ref. No. 9 (Cent BC 4), Councillor Clive Jones took the Chair when this was discussed.


Due to the duration of the meeting, members voted and agreed to continue. 


The following Councillors/Co-optees left before the meeting was closed by the Chair:


Co-optees  - Rosa Lazell (3.25 pm) and Jeff Beard (3.25 pm)

Councillors Harvey Jones (4.10 pm), Jeremy Davies (4.10 pm) and Tony Rogers (5.50 pm)


Following detailed discussions, it was RESOLVED that:

·         The report be noted by the committee.



Any Other Business deemed urgent by the Chair


The Chair advised that there was no business deemed urgent.


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