Agenda and draft minutes

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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair, Cllr Richard Searl, welcomed everyone to the meeting. A special welcome was given to Cllr Deborah Brown who was attending her first meeting as the Co-opted Community Councillor for the Trelewis Community Ward.


Apologies were received from Cllr Chris Frayne.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Police Report


The Police were not in attendance at the meeting but provided the following PACT figures for Bedlinog and Trelewis:






23/01/21- Theft of number plate from vehicle.


Anti-social Behaviour


27/01/21- Report of Covid breach- persons testing positive mixing in different households. Attended and dealt with by Merthyr Response.







No relevant reports


Anti-social Behaviour


22/01/21- covid breach house party.


Cllr Jeff Beard had spoken to Scott Hutton of South Wales Police by telephone to enquire about the number of COVID breaches in the community since Oct 2020, PC Hutton provided the following figures:


October 2020 – 1 x breach in Bedlinog

November 2020 – 1 x breach Bedlinog

December 2020 – 4 x breaches Bedlinog

January 2021 – 1 x breach Trelewis and 3 x breaches Bedlinog.



Minutes of Previous Meeting


Cllr Matthews proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as a true reflection of the last meeting, this was seconded by Cllr Preston.


Council resolved to approve the minutes as a true reflection of the previous meeting.



Matters Arising


Interviews were carried out for the vacancy of Community Councillor; Deborah Brown was co-opted as Community Councillor for the Trelewis Community Ward.


All grass areas around Bedlinog Community Centre have been cut back and Keep Wales Tidy have completed the planting of trees and wildflowers.


The Local Places for Nature Grant is still on hold due to the Alert Level 4 lockdown. Circular Economy Fund grant is progressing, and the outdoor water filling stations are due to be installed within the month at Rock UK, two at Taf Bargoed Parc and one outside the football changing rooms in Bedlinog. We will also be launching the form for residents of Bedlinog and Trelewis to apply for a compost bin this week.


The replacement dog waste bin in Bedlinog Terrace has been installed. Cllr Jago advised that MTCBC will honour the emptying of the three additional bins that the Community Council wish to order for Bedlinog and Trelewis.


Cllr Searl has completed the application to become a Trustee of Bedlinog Miners Welfare Association. Andrew Morse is now discussing the potential transfer of assets with his CEO and a meeting will take place in early March with the association.


MTCBC are dealing with the sale of land at the rear of 56 Hylton Terrace, Bedlinog.


The electronic form for Hardship Funds applications has been setup and published on our website. Some applications have already been made using the new form.


Cllr Jago advised Council that there continues to be lots of fly-tipping on the common, one hot-spot is on top of Stormtown Mountain and another is by the cattle grid at the top of Bedlinog. As the common is private land, MTCBC are unable to deal with this issue. Cllr Jago has escalated the problems to the Cabinet Member for Environment back in January and had a meeting with the Ranger in early February. Cllr Jago also stated that the Ranger would be prepared to come to a future meeting to present to Council on plans going forward, which involve employing a part-time Enforcement Officer via Fly-Tipping Wales, who would do the preparation work for court to issue fixed penalties.


Cllr Matthews proposed that the Community Council pay for the removal of the flu-tipping on Stormtown Mountain as there was lots there, including fridge freezers. This was seconded by Cllr Jago. Council resolved to proceed with the removal of the fly-tipping on Stormtown Mountain.


MTCBC inspected the riverside path to assess the collapsed gabions and fencing but advised that no repair works are required at this time.


Cllr Jago advised that she spoke to MTCBC about the speeding issues along Farm Road, Bedlinog. A Traffic Management Engineer visited the site and agreed that the road should be classed as a residential area with houses coming out to Pleasant View.


ACTION: Cllr Searl to advise Cllr Jago the best place for equipment to be installed to conduct a traffic management survey.


MTCBC have been advised of the Precept amount for FY 21-22.



County Councillors Report


Cllr Ian Thomas advised that there was a Full Council of MTCBC last week and Council had been provided with the first draft of revenue budget for FY21-22. There is a revenue surplus of approximately £380,000 on a budget of 130m.


Cllr Thomas informed Council that Cllr Lisa Mytton was elected Leader of MTCBC last week – Cllr Mytton intends to keep her Education portfolio so the constitution of the Council will be amended to allow a Leader to have a portfolio. A new cabinet post is also being created – Transformation and Commercialisation. The purpose will be to ensure MTCBC has an articulated statement of aims and ambitions for the future and how they will achieve them.


Cllr Jago advised that the lighting issue in Maes Y Bedw had been dealt with, but Lewis Street light was still not working. Cllr Jago is communicating with Western Power for the repair to take place ASAP.


Cllr Jago has also dealt with several requests for additional grit bins for streets that are off the public highways – Highways will need to do an assessment first before a decision is made. Cllr Jago will update once the assessment has been completed.


Cllr Jago advised that she would be sitting on the Gelligaer and Merthyr Common Partnership.


Cllr Colbran provided the following email report:


From: Colbran, Malcolm (Councillor) <>
Sent: 01 February 2021 11:20
To: Ryan James (BTCC Clerk) <>
Subject: Re: BTCC Meeting


Mr James,

I won't be attending the the BTCC meeting on 8th February.

This is a copy of the January update I supplied to residents.


During January I attended the following meetings.


Full Council

Special Full Council 

Planning Committee 

Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Committee 

Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 

Joint Audit/Scrutiny Committee 

Independent Group meeting x2

Budget Workshop

Ward Grass Cutting Priorities 

Cyfarthfa Plan Launch


Appointments Committee 

Policy Forum 

Sustainable Development Fund

Audit & Scrutiny Committee 

In addition there were meetings of:

Greenfield School Staffing Committee x3

Glamorgan Archives Joint Management Committee 

Merthyr Tydfil Biodiversity Partnership 

It's been a very busy month, I've assisted residents with a range of issues including flooding, flytipping, gritting, missed waste collections, damaged road signs, potholes, damaged bus shelters, Council Tax problems, dangerous trees, streetlighting, pest control, overflowing dog waste bins, breeches of Planning regulations, and the damaged stone plinths & lighting problems in Park Taff Bargoed.

I collected 63 nitrous oxide cylinders and other drug paraphernalia from Trelewis Park, the police have been informed.

I've delivered emergency food supplies to residents self isolating on behalf of the Stephens & George Charitable Trust and taken items donated by local residents to the Taff Bargoed Foodbank. I continue to shop and collect prescriptions on behalf of residents.

I assisted the Community Action Group in gritting roads in Bedlinog that MTCBC hadn't done and delivered food waste bags to Trelewis residents as the Council had not left replacements.


Cllr. Malcolm Colbran

Bedlinog & Trelewis Ward



Planning Applications


Planning Application P/20/0026 – Discharge of Condition 3 (5-year Quarry development scheme of planning permission P/13/0260, was considered by Council.


Cllr Searl proposed that there were no objections to this application, this was seconded by Cllr Beard. Council resolved that there were no objections to the application.


Cllr Jeff Beard raised a question as to whether MTCBC get any financial contributions from the quarry owners, in the form of something like the Fros-Y-Fan fund.


ACTION: Cllr Jago to make enquiries about any financial contribution to MTCBC.




The One Voice Wales Newsletter has been shared with Cllrs.




It has been identified that a large amount of building materials has been left in Bedlinog Community Centre car park.


ACTION: RJ to make a report of fly-tipping to MTCBC.


Cllr Jeff Beard proposed that the Community Council utilises COVID funding for digitally excluded learners in Bedlinog and Trelewis. Cllr Beard proposed that 8 Chrome books were purchased for primary pupils and 14 for secondary pupils – this was seconded by Cllr Matthews. Council resolved to purchase the equipment for digitally excluded learners.


Cllr Preston raised that there were lots of weeds and debris along Taf Road, from Club Row bridge to Stormtown.


ACTION: RJ to report to MTCBC.


Cllr Jago has demanded that MTCBC include the damaged fencing along Taf Road to be part of MTCBC’s Capital Works Programme for FY21-22.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will take place Monday 8th March 2021, 6.15pm.


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