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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair, Cllr Searl, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Searl expressed condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, and members of the Royal Family, on the passing of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. A minute’s silence was held.


Apologies were received from Cllrs Beard, Frayne, Matthews and Jago.


RJ advised that the Police were not in attendance at the meeting, but the following email report had been received:


PACT figures from 8/3/21- 08/04/2021 are as follows:






6/4/21- Report of damaged trees outside Bedlinog Community Centre. This has been allocated to an officer to progress.


Anti-social Behaviour


27/3/21- ASB youth annoyance. Drunk youths in street






20/3/21- Damaged car tyre- deliberately punctured with nail.

27/3/21- Public order offence in street- being dealt with.

31/3/21- Damage to fence at side of B4255 Trelewis-Bedlinog.

10/4/21- Damage to window of property- believed intentional.

10/4/21- Damaged car tyre- deliberate damage.


Anti-social Behaviour


8/3/21- Covid breach- large gathering of youths, Taff Bargoed Park.

13/3/21- Covid breach- Persons camping, Taff Bargoed Park

20/3/21- Covid breach- large gathering in street

10/4/21- ASB youth annoyance- estate playground/new estate

10/4/21- ASB youths gathering drinking, lighting fires etc at bowling green/football pitch area.



Declarations of Interest


There were none.


Minutes of Previous Meeting


Resolved, Cllr Thomas proposed, and Cllr Preston seconded.


Cllr Thomas enquired if there were minutes of the meeting that was held to discuss future vision for the recreational land. RJ advised that this was not a Council meeting but the email detailing the outcome of discussions would be forwarded to Cllr Thomas.


Matters Arising


P2 – Local Places for Nature Grant, RJ advised that the planters and lamppost baskets have been ordered. RJ obtained the lamppost numbers in Bedlinog and Cllr Brown obtained the numbers for Trelewis. Street Lighting have confirmed which lampposts are appropriate for the baskets and a total of 24 baskets have been ordered. RJ advised that the trees around Bedlinog Community Centre were damaged and a report had been made to the Police. RJ said that he would obtain costs for CCTV at the Community Centre and bring these to the next Council meeting.


P2 – the minutes of the Feb 2021 Council meeting were updated with Cllr Jago’s amendments.


P2 – Water bottle filling stations scheduled for installation 20th April 2021.


P2 – additional brackets were required for the three additional dog waste bins so installation will be in the next couple of weeks.


P2 – the Community Council has submitted their ‘vision’ for the use of the recreational land in Bedlinog to CISWO.


P3 – Cllr Jago was not in attendance to give an update on the Traffic Management Survey at Farm Road.


P3 – the Chromebooks have been provided to pupils at Afon Taf High School and Bedlinog Community Primary School.


P5 – the Community Engagement Survey has been launched on our website and social media channels. To date, 18 responses have been received – only one of these is from Trelewis, and no under 18’s have provided a response. The survey has been extended until 23rd April and will be further promoted to obtain more responses.


P6 – Cllr Jago was not in attendance to update on her meeting with MTCBC Officers about the debris on Taf Road.


P6 – the Community Council participated in the ‘Day of Remembrance’ on 23rd March 2021.


Clerk's Report


RJ presented the report to Council along with expenditure for the previous month.


Expenditure was approved. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Searl and seconded by Cllr Thomas.


County Councillors Report


Cllr Thomas advised that there was little to report following the Easter period but did advise that MTCBC is providing a 100&% reduction on non-domestic rates for FY21-22, for retail, leisure, and hospitality businesses with a rateable value of less than £500,000.


The following email report was received from County Councillor Malcolm Colbran:


From: "Colbran, Malcolm (Councillor)" <>
Date: 6 April 2021 at 17:13:27 BST
To: "Ryan James (BTCC Clerk)" <>
Subject: Re: BTCC Council Meeting 12/04/2021

Mr James,

I won't be attending the BTCC meeting on 12th April.

This is a copy of the report I supplied to residents.


March Update:
During March I attended 22 online meetings.


Full Council

Special Council

Independent Group x2

Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Committee 

Active Travel Consultation Workshop

RTI Plan Workshop.

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority 

Full NPA

Policy Forum 

Planning and Rights Of Way Committee 

Sustainable Development Fund Committee 


CEO retirement presentation.

Appointments Committee x4

South Wales Fire & Rescue Authority 


Finance, Audit & Performance Management Committee 

Glamorgan Archives Joint Management Committee 

Llywdcoed Crematorium Joint Management Committee 

Greenfield School Governor's Spring Term meeting.

A Wednesday night storm caused havoc with the recycling, thanks to everyone who showed community spirit and helped with the clear up.

I joined with the Council Countryside Team in planting at the new Trelewis Park Wetlands and with Community Volunteers for litter picks in both Bedlinog & Trelewis.

I've received a supply of litter bags and have started to distribute them to Community Action members across the Ward. 

I also have food waste bags and free dog mess bags available in my shop for anyone who would like them.


I met with Mark Ward, the Gelligaer Common Ranger, to discuss his tree planting project, Mark has already planted 2500 trees along Taff Straight and has still more to do. 

He's experimenting with new compostable cardboard tree guards rather than the traditional plastic ones, he's also looking into a new design made from sheep's wool.


To mark the first anniversary of Lockdown and in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the pandemic I arranged for a commemorative road marking in Bedlinog.


Stormtown children have less access to play facilities than those in some other parts of the Ward so I obtained funding for some outdoor play packs exclusively for them.


As part of the Easter Reading Festival I collected some books donated by Stephens & George Charitable Trust which were left around the Ward for children to find and help themselves to. 

I also delivered some books and sunflower seeds for the youngsters to grow at Trelewis Playgroup.


I hosted an online Easter Egg Hunt for youngsters from Bedlinog & Trelewis.


Asda Dowlais Community Champion Sarah Williams donated some Easter Eggs and Cllr. Jago and myself helped Sarah, dressed as the Easter Bunny, deliver them to 60 houses across the Ward.


I continue to shop and deliver prescriptions for vulnerable residents.






Cllr. Malcolm Colbran
Bedlinog & Trelewis Ward





Planning Applications


There were none.



a.     Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021

b.     Bedlinog Community Primary School Letter

c.     Audit Wales

d.     Marie Curie Letter


RJ presented the report on the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021. Provisions within the Act applicable to the Community Council are:

·       From May 2021 the Act makes it easier for meetings to take place through a variety of arrangements, including multi-location meetings where all individuals are attending virtually and hybrid meetings – where a number of individuals are attending in person at a designated location and others are attending virtually from a range of other locations.

·       From April 2022 community councils will have a duty to prepare and publish an annual report about the Council’s priorities, activities and achievements.

·       From 5 May 2022 community councils will have the power to pass a resolution to become eligible to exercise General Powers of Competence. Welsh Government will consult on eligibility prior to introduction.

·       From 5 May 2022, community councils will have a duty to consider training for Councillors and council staff and publish the first training plans by Nov 2022.

·       The Power of Wellbeing is due to be repealed once the general power of competence comes into force 5 May 2022.


The letter of thanks from Bedlinog Community Primary School was noted.


The letter from Audit Wales was noted.


The letter from Marie Curie was noted.





a.     Kickabout Area Fencing

b.     Community People Awards

c.     Unused Rugby Field, Nant Llwynog

d.     Trelewis Bowls Club Grant Request

e.     Taf Road

f.       Graig Cemetery


RJ provided Council with an update on costs to higher the fencing at the ‘Kickabout’ area. The cost was 23k, and RJ recommended that Council reject the quotation to proceed, which Council agreed on.


Resolved, Cllr Searl proposed, and Cllr Evans seconded.


Cllr Searl advised that he would like to set up a ‘Community People Award’ with an adult and youth award, who would be nominated by members of the community. The awards would be given annually after the AGM in May. The total cost would be £80.00 per year.


Resolved, Cllr Evans proposed, and Cllr Thomas seconded.


Unused Rugby Field, Nant Llwynog – deferred to May 2021 meeting as Cllr Beard was not in attendance.


Taf Road – Cllr Preston advised that the debris in the road is getting worse and is causing flooding, as well as narrowing the lanes which is dangerous.


ACTION: RJ to report to MTCBC.


Graig Cemetery – Cllr Preston advised that there are lots of potholes on the road leading to the cemetery and an issue with mounds of soil from recently dug graves being left for a long period of time behind existing stones.


ACTION: RJ to report to MTCBC.


Grant request – Trelewis and Treharris Bowls Club. A discussion took place, and it was agreed that £500 grant would be awarded to the club towards the maintenance of the bowls green.


Resolved, Cllr Thomas proposed, and Cllr Preston seconded.


Date of Next Meeting


The Annual General Meeting will be held Monday 10th May, 6.15pm.


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