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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair, Cllr Richard Searl, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Evans attempted to join the meeting but was unable to due to technical issues.


To elect a Chairperson for the Council Year 2021/22


The only nomination received was from Cllr Richard Searl, therefore, no vote was required.


Cllr Searl, was appointed Chairperson of the Council for the 21/22 Council year.


To elect a Vice-Chairperson for the Council Year 2021/22


There was one nomination received from Cllr Jeff Beard, for Vice-Chairperson of the Council, so no vote was required.


Cllr Beard, was appointed Vice-Chairperson of the Council for the 21/22 Council year.


Declarations of Interest


Cllr Searl declared an interest in planning application P/21/0133, as the applicant is his next door neighbour.


To appoint Committees and Representatives

a)    Staffing Committee (3 members)

(Membership is currently: Councillors Beard (Chair), Searl and Matthews)


b)    One Voice Wales Area Committee (Currently Councillor Beard. Representative and substitute member to be appointed).


Nominations were received to sit on the Staffing Committee with Cllr Jeff Beard being appointed as Chair, and Committee members being Cllr Searl and Cllr Matthews.


Cllr Brown was appointed as the One Voice Wales Area Representative.


Police Report


The Police were not in attendance but provided the following email report of recent PACT figures:


PACT figures from 12th April to 8th May:







4/5/21- Theft of stones from wall, High St. Currently being investigated.










18/4/21- Perons throwing rocks at individual, Taff Bargoed Park


24/4/21- Theft from vehicle/working equipment near Rock UK


26/4/21- Fight reported High St involving youths




14/4/21 and 6/5/21- Report of ASB youth annoyance at the playground end of Tydfil Close- dealt with by NPT.    


Cllr Beard raised that once again it had been some months since Police attendance at meetings.


Cllr Brown advised that she would make contact with the Police to request regular attendance at future meetings.


Minutes of Previous Meeting


It was agreed that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true reflection of the meeting.


Resolved, Cllr Thomas proposed, and Cllr Brown seconded.


Matters Arising


Matters Arising


P2 – Local Places for Nature Grant – the trees were re-planted at Bedlinog Community Centre by resident, Ceri Webb, following the vandalism.

The baskets for lampposts are being delivered tomorrow and the plants are on order. The street planters have been delivered to the Nursery for planting. We will then be seeking volunteer help to water these. A contract will need to be put in place for watering of the baskets.


P3 – water bottle filling stations installation began Friday 7th May.


P3 – CISWO are currently processing the nominations for Cllr Searl and RJ to become the Trustees, Mrs Yvonne Wood is in the process of formally resigning so CISWO are aware this process needs to be completed ASAP to prevent the charity falling into dormancy. Regional support has been provided for the Community Council’s ‘vision’ that has been presented to CISWO.


P3 – Cllr Jago advised that for MTCBC the traffic management survey on Farm Road was not a priority at this time but she would chase them up for a further update.


P3 – the Community Engagement Survey has now closed. It will be added to next month’s agenda as some time would be needed for discussion. RJ will share the responses for Cllrs to look at beforehand, however.


Parks/children’s playground is the main feedback from the community. Cllr Jago advised that she will have a report for the next meeting on the cost to upgrade parks.


P3 – RJ reported the debris along Taf Road to MTCBC, but a response was received to say no works needed to be carried out at this time. Cllr Jago advised that Rob Barnett (MTCBC) had agreed to send the timeline on when the road will be cleaned and he is doing the same for grass cutting and litter picking also, which Cllr Jago will share with Council.


P6 – RJ reported the potholes to MTCBC on the road leading to Graig Cemetery, but they responded that after a site visit, no repairs needed to be carried out at this time. The soil reported to Rob Barnett has been escalated to Paul Jones, Cemetery’s manager.


P6 – the grant has been paid to Trelewis Bowls Club.


Clerk's Report

a)    To note Action Plan

b)    To note schedule of payments since April 12th 2021

c)     To approve bank reconciliation for the period ended 31st March 2021

d)    To approve Regular Annual Payments

e)    To approve Meeting dates for Council Year 2021/22


RJ presented the report and expenditure for the previous month and requested Council to approve the payments.


Resolved, proposed by Cllr Jago and seconded by Cllr Thomas.


RJ presented the bank reconciliation for financial year 20/21 and requested Council to approve.


Resolved, proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Jago.


Cllr Jago expressed thanks for the additional income over the past year through grant applications made by RJ.


RJ presented the Regular Annual Payment schedule and requested Council to approve.


Resolved, proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Jago.


RJ presented the proposed meeting dates for the Council year 21/22. Cllr Beard proposed an amendment to the proposed dates so that no meeting takes place in August 2021, in line with MTCBC meeting schedule. Cllr Beard seconded.


Council voted on the amendment to the proposed dates. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Jago and seconded by Cllr Frayne.


The meeting dates will be published on our website.


County Councillors Report


Cllr Thomas advised that MTCBC’s main focus of attention is the recovery transformation and improvement plan which the authority is working on to satisfy Audit Wales requirements. MTCBC is to address the lack of capacity and expertise which was caused by letting key posts go to balance the budget in previous years. Communication will be strengthened and the current financial position that the Council is in will be built upon. Council will take more of a medium to long term view going forward, rather than focussing on the annual budget. A response from the Council is going to Full Council in the May 2021 Council meeting and will then be sent to Audit Wales.


The other item is the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act – Welsh Government set some goals for all local authorities to comply with, being education, resilience, and economic recovery.


Cllr Jago advised that works on Taf Road are going well in respect of the drainage works.


The issues around the road leading to Bedlinog Community Primary School, where emergency vehicles were getting stuck has been resolved.


The community consultation for pre-school facilities in Bedlinog has ended and Cllr Jago is confident that there is enough demand.


Lots of residents have been in contact in regard to issues with the Doctor’s Surgery – a new telephone system is now in place and patients in Oakland Surgery will now have full access to the facilities available.


Cllr Jago is hoping to re-open the Youth Club at Bedlinog Community Centre in June and will liaise with RJ in respect of risk assessments.


Both schools in the community are in a good financial position – Trelewis Primary School are recruiting for a new Deputy Head Teacher and Bedlinog Community Primary School are recruiting a new teaching post.


Lots of work going on with the railways as there will be an introduction of a 7.5 tonne weight limit on the Shinrig Road Bridge. This will cause issues with large vehicle access to Bedlinog and Trelewis, so Cllr Jago is working with Caerphilly CBC on this issue.


Cllr Jago is working with Mark Davies in terms of litter picking and the community waste project. The old Bedlinog Post Office and Trelewis Community Centre will be designated litter picking hubs to collect bags, litter pickers etc. volunteers can bring the bags back to the centre or Post Office for MTCBC to collect.

The local authority will shortly be distributing ‘recycling on the go’ bins across the county borough to encourage more recycling.

County Malcolm Colbran was not in attendance at the meeting but provided the following email report:


From: Colbran, Malcolm (Councillor) <>
Sent: 04 May 2021 16:28
To: Ryan James (BTCC Clerk) <>
Subject: Re: BTCC Meeting 10-05-2021


Mr James,

I won't be attending the meeting of Bedlinog & Trelewis Community Council on the 10th of May.

This is a copy of the update I provided residents for April.


In April I attended the following online meetings.


Full Council  ...  view the full minutes text for item 124.


Planning Applications


Council considered the following planning applications:


P/21/0133 Construct side extension to provide larger garage with first floor dormer accommodation above – Ty-Newydd, Pleasant View, Bedlinog. Cllr Searl did not participate in this discussion after raising a declaration of interest.

P/21/0145 – Construct lobby extension to side elevation, Glyn Bargoed House, Trelewis.

P/21/0147 – Erection of two-storey extension at 10 George Street, Bedlinog.


No objections were raised.



a)    To consider a proposal regarding Nant Llwynog Rugby Field (Cllr Beard)

b)    To approve cost for skip-hire (Cllr Frayne)

c)     To consider issues regarding safer routes to school – Bedlinog Community Primary School to Commercial Street (Cllr Preston)

d)    To approve cost for CCTV Bedlinog Community Centre (RJ)

e)    To consider whether the Hardship Fund continues in 2021/22 (RJ)


Cllr Beard proposed that investigations take place regarding the former rugby field at Nant Llwynog Park. Cllr Beard suggested this may be a good area for a dedicated dog walking field, which could reduce dog waste in the village. Dog waste bins would need to be provided in the area but asked that queries are made about ownership of the land and any future plans.


Resolved, Cllr Searl proposed, and Cllr Jago seconded.


Cllr Frayne raised a request he had received from Daniel Sam, a volunteer, for the Community Council to donate for a skip. RJ advised that the Community Council cannot make payments to an individual, however, we could arrange to hire a skip providing that it is delivered and collected on the same day, and a litter pick organised via Keep Wales Tidy, so that the appropriate legalities and insurance requirements are in place. Cllr Frayne will speak to the volunteer about this.


Cllr Preston raised the ‘safer route to school’ from Commercial Street to Bedlinog Community Primary School – the green line on Moriah St has been renewed but complaints had been raised from parents in Commercial Street as outside the farm is very dangerous, and the green line needs to be renewed in this area also.


Cllr Jago advised that she would make enquiries with MTCBC.


RJ advised Council that quotes had been received for the CCTV at Bedlinog Community Centre of £800 and £40 per year maintenance. Council agreed to proceed with the installation of CCTV for security reasons.


Resolved, Cllr Jago proposed, and Cllr Frayne seconded.


RJ raised that no budget had been set for the Hardship Fund to continue in FY21/22. Cllr Beard suggested that based on our current financial position, £1000 be budget to continue the fund.


Resolved, Cllr Beard proposed and, Cllr Jago seconded.


Internal Audit Report


RJ presented the Internal Audit Report and the proposed Action Plan to Council.


Cllr Beard advised that for legal reasons, the amount of £4.55 raised in recommendation 7.2.1 be written off.


Cllr Beard also advised that recommendation 7.3.1 is rejected and anything with a value over £100 will be recorded in the asset register.


Council approved all other recommendations.


Resolved, Cllr Searl proposed and, Cllr Beard seconded.


Annual Governance Statement

a)    To approve the accounting statements and Annual Governance Statement


RJ presented the accounting statements and Annual Governance Statement to Council.


Council was requested to approve the accounting statements and Annual Governance Statement.


Resolved, proposed by Cllr Beard, and seconded by Cllr Thomas.


Date of Next Meeting


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