Agenda and draft minutes

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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair, Cllr Jeff Beard, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllrs Searl and Jago.




Declarations of Interest


Cllr Preston declared an interest in item 137 (Planning Applications) as a member of Taf Bargoed Development Trust.


Question from Member of the Public

1.     Question from Rachel Morton (5 mins)


A Trelewis resident, Rebekah Stone asked questions regarding the following:


Concerns from residents about litter in Stormtown, Trelewis area – dog fouling bags are being dumped where no bins are available. Ms Stone asked the Council if they would be prepared to provide further bins. RJ will discuss with County Councillor Jago as to whether MTCBC have the capacity to empty further bins.


Ms Stone asked if the Council were aware of the Police Community Pay Back Scheme. Cllr Thomas confirmed that there was an item going to MTCBC Full Council on Wednesday 16th June 2021 in relation to this. MTCBC is seeking approval to negotiate with the Probation Service for a team of litter pickers out via the Community Pay Back Scheme. It is a 21k contract and the Probation Service would bring the team to the required sites and supervise them. If this is approved, then RJ will speak to the Community Safety Team at MTCBC about how the Community Council can utilise the team within the community.


Ms Stone asked whether open recycling containers in the community is contributing to the litter problem on windy days - items are being blown all over the community and on to the hillside. Cllr Frayne added that this is a problem in Bedlinog too, lower Bedlinog are trialling the recycling trolleys with fixed lids, other areas have the hard plastic bins, and the blue vinyl covers that blow off and are very ineffective. RJ will raise these concerns with County Councillor Jago. 


Ms Stone advised that on the mountain road crossroad, there is a signpost to Bedlinog but not to Trelewis and asked if a signpost could be put in place. RJ to raise with County Councillor Sherelle Jago.


Ms Stone stated that frequent motorbikes on the quarry in Trelewis is a disturbance. It is a known problem, and the Police are aware of it and residents regularly report it to the Police. Cllr Brown asked Rebecka to log dates and times so that we could share these with our PCSO so that they could potentially send a resource on those days/times.


Police Report


The Police were not in attendance due to their shift pattern, but provided the following email report:


Please see below the relevant police PACT figures from 9/5/21 to today’s date:






16/5/21- Burnt out car on the common

25/5/21- Burglary of un-occupied property


Anti-social Behaviour


22/5/21- Covid breach house party reported







12/5/21- Theft of items from driveway

15/5/21- Youths causing damage to garage roof

18/5/21- theft of amazon parcel

4/6/21- Theft of temporary traffic light B4255

4/6/21- Theft of vehicle wheels from yard

5/6/21- Damage to glass panel on front door



Anti-social Behaviour


9/5/21- ASB youth annoyance at new playground

3/6/21- ASB youth annoyance again at new playground- younger children involved


Cllr Brown advised she had been in touch with the Police about non-attendance at meetings, their shift pattern gives them a rest day on every date of our meetings up until August. Cllr Brown had asked if someone from another area could be sent, however, the Police advised that they are needed in their own areas.


A discussion took place as to whether Council meetings could be changed from a Monday, however, some Cllrs advised that they have other commitments on alternative days of the week.


Action: A formal letter from the Chair to be sent to the Inspector asking for them to attend in the absence of a PC or PCSO.


Minutes of Previous Meeting


The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true reflection of the previous meeting.


Resolved, proposed by Cllr Thomas, seconded by Cllr Preston.


Matters Arising & Clerk's Report


P2 – Cllr Brown update on conversation with the Police:


P3 – Local Places for Nature – the planters and baskets will be delivered and installed this coming Thursday 17th June. The baskets will be watered via a contractor, however, we will be seeking volunteers in the community to water the planters.


P3 – All four water bottle filling stations have been installed.


P3 – No official response from CISWO, however, in the interim, they have suggested that a General Meeting is brought forward to appoint RJ and Cllr Searl as Trustees of Bedlinog Miners Welfare Association, allowing Mrs Yvonne Wood to resign as she has requested.


P3 – RJ to chase Cllr Jago on sharing of grass cutting and street cleaning timetable with Community Councillors.


P7 – Council owns the rugby field at Nant Llwynog, the Friends Group are in conversation with the Council to use it for a wide range of activities e.g., summer shows and displays, health and sports activities. Cllr Beard asked RJ to make enquiries with MTCBC as to whether a section of the field could be utilised for dog walking.


P7 – Cllr Jago not present for an update on safer route to school issue.


P7 – CCTV is progressing, order has been placed, installation in the next couple of weeks.


P8 – the Annual Governance Statement has been sent to the External Auditor.


RJ presented the Clerk’s report and asked Council to approve the payments for 1st May – 31st May 2021.


Resolved, Cllr Frayne proposed and Cllr Matthews seconded.


County Councillors Report


Cllr Ian Thomas advised that County Cllr Malcolm Colbran has been formally elected as Mayor for 2021/22 and Cllr Declan Salmon has been elected as Deputy Mayor. The inaugurations have taken place.


Cllr Thomas suggested that a letter of congratulations on his term of office is drafted to Councillor Colbran. Cllr Frayne seconded. Cllr Beard abstained.


Cllr Colbran was invited to the meeting but was not in attendance but sent the following email report:


From: "Colbran, Malcolm (Councillor)" <>
Date: 10 June 2021 at 20:15:34 BST
To: "Ryan James (BTCC Clerk)" <>
Subject: Re: BTCC Council Meeting

Mr James,

I won't be attending the BTCC meeting on 14th June. This is a copy of the report I provided to residents for May.

During May I attended  the following meetings.


Council AGM

Planning Committee

Regeneration Scrutiny Committee

Recovery, Transformation and Improvement Plan Update

Independent Group meeting

I met with Leader of the Council, Cabinet Members and Officers to discuss the implications of a 7.5tonne weight limit on the Trelewis/Nelson railway bridge

I also had a meeting with Council's Monitoring Officer

As Mayor I had the pleasure of attending the Inauguration of the new Youth Mayor, Andrew Millar.

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority

Full NPA

Audit & Scrutiny Committee

Planning Site Visit

Planning & Rights of Way Committee

Policy Forum

Due to increased other responsibilities I've stood down from the Board of the National Park Authority from 19th May.

Greenfield School Governors

All Merthyr Schools Chairs/Vice Chairs Breifing

Glamorgan Archives Managment Committee

During the pandemic I've supported the work of the Dowlais Engine House and had the hounor of meeting HRH Prince Charles when he paid them a visit.

I joined with Mark Ward and his volunteers for a litter pick on Stormtown mountain.

I discussed funding opportunities with Taff Bargoed Angling Association and Bedlinog Football Club.

I met with residents in Stormtown & Trelewis to discuss ongoing issues.

Issues I've looked into for residents include

Housing problems 

Football pitch maintenance

Property disputes

Missed recycling collections

Replacement recycling containers

Rights of Way issues

DDA grants

Pot holes


Having missed the whole of last year due to Covid 19 restrictions Games Night has restarted in Bedlinog and the first event was the best attended ever.

Bedlinog & Trelewis Community Action Group have started their summer programme, any volunteers are always welcome to join in the activities.



Cllr. Malcolm Colbran
Bedlinog & Trelewis Ward




Planning Applications


Application P/21/0198 – Use of land for outdoor storage of skips for a temporary period of 12 months – Land at Taff Bargoed Development Trust


Cllr Beard advised that a constituent had raised concerns with him about potential noise. Cllrs also raised concerns about the increase in heavy vehicles along the road and an increase of volume of traffic. Concerns also about children being in the area playing on bikes, dog walkers and joggers with big vehicles using the access road, children playing on bikes, dog walking, joggers etc.


A question was asked about the number of skips and frequency of vehicles, RJ advised that we could request this information from Planning, however, there was only 21 days to consult on this application and made Cllrs aware that making the enquiries may potentially take us past the consultation date.


Council resolved to inform planning about the concerns raised at the meeting, proposed by Cllr Beard and seconded by Cllr Frayne.



1.     To discuss email from Class 2, Bedlinog Community Primary School

2.     To discuss feedback from Community Engagement Survey

3.     To discuss Toilet Strategy consultation


A letter was received from Class 2 Bedlinog Community Primary School.

Cllrs Matthews, Preston, Brown would like to meet with Class 2 to discuss their proposals. RJ will arrange meeting.


Engagement Survey: Parks and communication reaching residents in Trelewis are the biggest areas of concern raised in the feedback. A suggestion was made as to whether we could print copies of newsletters and leave these in local shops. Cllr Brown also suggested placing an advert in the Merthyr Express, which would be an update from the community council. Cllr Thomas suggested that there is more encouragement on social media for residents to attend meetings.


RJ will enquire about printing costs for a newsletter; placing an ad in the Merthyr Express; and also publish a response to the survey on social media.


Toilet Strategy: MTCBC are under a duty to consult with the Community Council on the Toilet Strategy review. It was suggested that Trelewis Community Centre could be added to the list if MTCBC make enquiries with Merthyr Valleys Homes.



1.     RJ - To discuss launch of People’s Awards.

2.     Cllr Jeff Beard – To discuss Rock UK case.

3.     Cllr Debbie Brown – To discuss hazardous step at Stormtown Bus Stop

4.     Cllr Debbie Brown – To discuss overflowing skip, Stormtown.

5.     Cllr Debbie Brown – To discuss hazardous fencing from construction works at the Quarry below Stormtown.



People Awards – RJ stated that it was planned for these to begin after the AGM and that a nomination form would be created and published on our website and social media.


Cllr Beard advised that a complaint that a constituent brought forward about RockUK at a previous meeting has now been resolved. RJ reminded Council that this complaint was out of the Community Council’s remit and that the Community Council were not involved in this case.


Cllr Brown raised a hazardous step at Stormtown bus stop – it has been reported to MTCBC, but the complainant was informed that it was not Council owned land. RJ to find out who the landowner is.


Cllr Brown advised that there was a large amount of construction netting to do with the Trelewis School extension and the temporary road causing a trip hazard. Rebekah Stone, a resident in attendance advised that she has personally removed the netting. Cllr Beard advised Ms Stone that the Community Council could not comment on those actions and MTCBC may have concern about this.


Cllr Brown raised that there is an over-flowing skip in the vicinity at the bottom of Stormtown bus stop. The skip is on private land and MTCBC have no powers to remove it. RJ will report to MTCBC that the skip is causing a disturbance to the community and environment and ask if a letter can be sent requesting its removal.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held virtually, Monday 12th July, 61.15pm.


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