Agenda and draft minutes

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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair, Cllr Richard Searl, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllr Beard and Evans.


Declarations of Interest


There were none.


Police Report


The Police were not in attendance at the meeting.


The following email report was provided:






·        19/7/21- Theft of vehicle, Mount Pleasant

·        5/8/21- Public order offence, Craig Y Hendre

·        7/8/21- Theft of number plates, Lewis Street

·        3/9/21- Vehicle damaged, Mount Pleasant




No reports of this nature






·        2/8/21- Theft from garden, Ael Y Bryn

·        4/8/21- Burglary, Glynbargoed Road

·        19/8/21- Theft from garden, Glynbargoed Road

·        20/8/21- Public order offence, Taff Bargoed Park

·        9/9/21- Public order offence, River Avenue




·        30/7/21- ASB youth annoyance, Tudor Court

·        9/8/21- ASB youth annoyance, Highfield Rise

·        31/8/21- ASB youth annoyance, Tudor Court

·        2/9/21 and 7/9/21- ASB off road motorbikes on the old quarry, Stormtown

·        3/9/21- ASB youth annoyance, Tudor Court


The Community Council consulted with residents on what they thought the top three priorities are that the Police need to concentrate on – the main issues were:


Noise and late opening times from Bedlinog Inn – fighting/shouting/anti-social behaviour in the street, parking issues and people driving from the venue under the influence of alcohol. Bedlinog Inn issues were the majority of responses.


Illegal motorcycle usage on the old quarry in Stormtown


Parking on Bedlinog Square from the Bedlinog Inn, Rugby Club and garage.



Minutes of Previous Meeting

4.1      To approve minutes of previous meeting as a true reflection of the meeting.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Resolved, Cllr Frayne proposed and Cllr Matthews seconded.


Matters Arising & Finance Report

5.1      To note matters arising

5.2      To approve the financial report 1st July – 31st August 2021


Item 145 – Consultation took place with residents of Stormtown on potential locations for further dog waste bins. Areas of need identified as around the quarry/football ground area. Also the path to Trelewis Primary School. Cllr Jago stated that MTCBC have previously advised they cannot empty bins off the main highway. RJ will speak to Waste Services at MTCBC to find out where the nearest locations are that bins can be installed.


Signpost to Trelewis – communications have taken place with Caerphilly County Borough Council for permission to install a sign on the mountain road to Trelewis. However, Caerphilly CBC has advised that this would need to be part of a wider signage strategy for the village that Merthyr Tydfil CBC would lead on. This has been passed back to Martin Stark as he has been named as the best contact.


Local Places for Nature Grant – permission has been received from Bedlinog Doctors Surgery for baskets to be hung on the fencing outside, an order has been placed for this. The four brush cutters have arrived funded from the grant, Training for six people for safe use of Brush cutters is available. Cllr Searl advised that he would volunteer and complete the training and we will request if there are any further volunteers in the community.

Work at the allotments has been completed.

Winter plants and bulbs have been ordered and will be planted early October.

Baskets will be removed for the winter.


A consultation took place on where to place a bench in Bedlinog and a bench in Trelewis – for Bedlinog we had 22 suggestions with 4 being for the top bus stop and 4 for the square. For Trelewis we had 7 suggestions with 3 being for the entrance to Taf Bargoed Parc overlooking the lakes. RJ will make enquiries with MTCBC to ask if these areas are suitable.


A consultation took place on whether the Tennis Courts in Bedlinog should remain as they are or whether the Community Council should investigate changing this to a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). 85 responses were received with 36 suggesting we do nothing and leave the tennis courts as they are and 49 suggesting that they are changed to a MUGA. RJ will obtain quotes and bring these back to Council for consideration.


Cllr Jago advised that she reported the issues regarding the safer route to school from commercial street – overgrowth and crumbling walls and the green lines need to be re-painted. Cllr Jago stated that she had received no further feedback so assume this has now been resolved.


People awards – Daniel Sam Volunteer has been voted for the Youth Award for all his volunteer work. Ian and Gareth from Bedlinog Paper shop were voted for the Senior Award for all they did during the pandemic, delivering food to people who were shielding. RJ will arrange certificates and vouchers to be paid for out of the Chair’s allowance.


Item 147 – Welsh Government Allotment Improvement Grant -  ...  view the full minutes text for item 154.


County Councillors Report

6.1      To note the updates from County Councillors


Cllr Ian Thomas advised that the Council are starting a programme to refurbish Children’s playgrounds – one of which is Lewis Street, Bedlinog.


A policy was approved to promote diversity at MTCBC which will be followed by an action plan to encourage under-represented groups to stand for office, prevent bullying, encourage flexible working and more representation in high-profile roles.


The old synagogue in Merthyr is being renovated and will be turned into a Jewish culture centre.


Cllr Sherelle Jago advised that a ‘summer of fun’ campaign was funded – 100 community residents from Bedlinog and Trelewis visited Barry Island. Additional trips were organised to Vertigo and the Climbing Centre.


B4255 fencing – this is a priority and MTCBC are looking at where they can get funding for the quotes that have been provided.


Cllr Jago would like to put a proposal to BTCC to have an option of employing a full-time Community Caretaker – duties could include cutting back areas of land and drive a workforce of volunteers locally. RJ advised that we need to have this costed so that the budget could be reviewed. Cllr Jago will bring a proposal to the October 2021 meeting.


Planning Applications

7.1  To consider planning application P/21/0294 | Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and construction of three storey extension. Retention of garage and stable | 6 Commercial Street Bedlinog Treharris CF46 6RE


Planning application P/21/0294 – Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and construction of three storey extension. Retention of garage and stable at 6 Commercial Street, Bedlinog, was considered. There were no objections.





8.1 To note the briefing from Welsh Government for multi-location meetings.

8.2 To note correspondence regarding the Electoral Boundary Reform.

8.3 To note correspondence regarding funding for the installation of a Community Fridge

8.4 To note the request from One Voice Wales for update on Local Places for Nature

8.5 To consider correspondence regarding the listing of Trelewis War Memorial


Briefing from Welsh Government in relation to multilocation meetings – under Section 47 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021, Community Councils must make and publish arrangements for convening meetings, which allows, but not requires, participants to be in multiple locations.


Whilst physical meetings are allowable under the Act, it requires that participants (ie Council members, members of the public and press) are able to join the meeting remotely. Councils are not allowed to resolve that all meetings will be held entirely physical.


Broadcasting of meetings does not apply to Community Councils.


No later than 7 working days of a Council meeting, the Council must publish electronically a note setting out:


·       The names of the members who attended the meeting, and any apologies for absence

·       Any declarations of interest

·       Any decisions taken at the meeting, including the outcomes of any votes


MTCBC are currently procuring equipment for remote access to physical meetings and have offered a loan of this equipment to the Community Council for when physical meetings are re-convened.



Correspondence has been received in relation to the Electoral Boundary Reform to note that the County Bedlinog Ward, will be renamed Bedlinog and Trelewis Ward.


Circular Economy Wales are offering £4000 to Community Councils in Wales to facilitate a ‘Community Fridge’. The units are provided free (fridges/freezers, upright or chest and in whatever number is appropriate), then £3000 to prepare the room, e.g. signage, shelves for dry food, fruit, seating area etc.). A further £1000 is received a year after opening. Food is provided via the Co-op Food Share scheme where food is collected from Co-op stores and used to feed people in the local community, and also through donations. The fridge can be run by volunteers and for example, a bag of £10 of donated food can be provided for £2 and that money used to buy further items. We are waiting to hear if we meet the eligibility criteria.



One Voice Wales have requested if a Cllr would talk at the next Area Committee Meeting about our LPFN grant and what the money has been used for – Cllr Searl confirmed he would be happy to attend.



MTCBC have been contacted by CADW informing them they wish to list Trelewis War Memorial. MTCBC have asked if it would be possible to obtain financial assistance towards future maintenance/repair and awaits a reply from CADW. MTCBC have also asked if BTCC would contribute to the cost on occasions. RJ has advised that it would depend on what costs would be involved as BTCC only have a small precept.



9.1      To approve the cost of installation of Christmas lights for 2021

9.2      To consider the celebration of the Queens Jubilee 2022

9.3      To discuss progress of request for residential parking, Bedlinog Square

9.4      To discuss progress of reports regarding speed issues on Farm Road

9.5      To approve cost of defibrillator installations in Bedlinog and Trelewis


Christmas Lights Installation 2021 – each frame is £160 each + VAT. Council approved installation of 34 frames - £5440. RJ will request a map of suitable posts from street lighting at MTCBC so that locations can be considered.

Resolved, Cllr Jago proposed, and Cllr Frayne seconded.


Queens Jubilee 2022 – RJ advised many Community Councils are celebrating Friday 3rd June. Agreed this is something that the Community Council would like to do for Bedlinog and Trelewis. RJ will make some enquiries and report back to Council at a later date. Cllr Ian Thomas commented that as part of the Queen’s Jubilee, MTCBC are applying for City status. Cllr Jago said that the Council would be receiving some communications regarding this shortly. The application was supported by Council and Cllr Searl suggested writing a letter of support to the Leader, Cllr Lisa Mytton.


Parking Bedlinog Square – a request was made in July 2020 to MTCBC for residential parking on Bedlinog Square, all residents were in agreement. MTCBC advised that it would be at least a year before they could look at this due to a lack of resource. Council requested Cllr Jago to chase this up with MTCBC as this was an issue that had been raised by residents.


Speeding issue Farm Road, Bedlinog – Cllr Searl requested an update on this. Cllr Jago advised that the South of the borough had been allocated for the quarter. Cllr Jago will find out where on the priority list Farm Road is and report back to Council.


Costs have been received for additional defibrillators from Calon Defibs. For defib and external locked cabinet cost would be £1325. St. Johns Ambulance will carry out maintenance checks for us. Council approved four additional defibs for the community.


Resolved, Cllr Frayne proposed, and Cllr Jago seconded.


Annual Report FY 2020-21

10.1    To approve the Annual Report FY 2020-21


The Annual Report was approved.


Resolved, Cllr Searl proposed, and Cllr Thomas seconded.




Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Council will be held Monday 11th October, 6.15pm.


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