Agenda and draft minutes

No. Item


Welcome and Apologies

Chair’s Welcome and to receive any apologies for absence.


Cllr Searl welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllrs Ian Thomas, Sherelle Jago, Elizabeth Evans and Christopher Frayne.


Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest.


Cllr Brown declared an interest in item number 169 as a School Governor at Taf Bargoed Learning Partnership.


Police Report

To note the Police report and discuss PACT issues.


Sgt O’Neill was in attendance at the meeting.


Cllr Searl raised the PACT issues residents had made the Community Council aware of:


Off-road biking on the Stormtown quarry;

Late night opening at Bedlinog Inn with fighting, shouting around the area;

Parking issues on Bedlinog Square.


Cllr Beard raised concerns about drug use in the Shingrig Estate, Trelewis.


Sgt O’Neill advised that he would look into these concerns and update at the next meeting.


The report from PCSO Perry was noted.




Questions from the Public

To receive questions from Rebekah Stone.


Rebekah Stone was in attendance and asked the following questions:


1.     When will the Trelewis sign be available on the Mountain Road?

2.     Are the brush cutters available for trained community use and is training available?

3.     Can the fence around the Wetlands, Trelewis, be repaired as fence posts have been stolen?


RJ advised that the signage for Trelewis is being discussed at an MTCBC Strategy meeting and we hope to have received an update by the next meeting. The brush cutters are available for community use and there are five spaces available on the training. Rebekah will also seek further volunteers via the Stormtown Community Facebook page. RJ advised that he would report the fence issue to MTCBC.




Minutes of Previous Meeting

To agree minutes of the previous meeting.


Resolved as a true reflection of the previous meeting.


Cllr Matthews proposed, and Cllr Preston seconded.


Matters Arising & Clerk's Finance Report

To note matters arising.

To agree Clerk’s Financial Report.


Item 154 – Waste Services advised that a new bin policy was going to MTCBC Full Council in October. If the policy is approved, we will need to discuss dog waste bin locations after this date.


Trelewis signpost – this will be discussed in the MTCBC Engineering project meeting in October and Martin Stark, Traffic Management Engineer, will feed back after the meeting.


An internal consultation is currently taking place at MTCBC on the site locations for the two benches for Bedlinog and Trelewis.


Prices for a MUGA have been obtained and this will be discussed in item 169.


An internal consultation is taking place on the site location for allotments in Trelewis.


Item 157 – the Community Council were unsuccessful in their application for a Community Fridge. MVH already have one in place at Trelewis Community Centre although it is not currently open and/or in use.


Item 158 – the order for 34 Christmas frames has been submitted. Chris Ridout, Street Lighting at MTCBC, has confirmed that we can put the frames on any lampposts as they will only be up for the Christmas period and not all year round.


A letter of support for Merthyr Tydfil applying for City Status has been sent to the Leader of MTCBC, Cllr Lisa Mytton, and Gerald Jones MP.


Cllr Jago was not in attendance to update on residents parking Bedlinog Square.


Cllr Jago was not in attendance to advise where on the list Farm Road is for speed assessment.


Four defibs have been delivered. A discussion was made on locations for the defibs. Cllrs Beard, Matthews and Brown will discuss locations for Trelewis and feed back to RJ. For Bedlinog, it was decided that one would be placed on the wall in front of Bedlinog Community Primary School, permission will need to be sought, and Cllr Searl will enquire if the other can be installed on the wall in front of the top club.


Item 159 – the Annual Report has been published.


Finance Report


The bank reconciliation, budget report and payments and receipts were approved.


Cllr Beard advised that an emergency purchase of IT equipment was made for the Clerk and approved by Chair and Vice-Chair.

Resolved, Cllr Beard proposed, and Cllr Searl seconded.


County Councillors Update

To note County Councillor’s Update from Cllrs Thomas and Jago.


Cllr Malcolm Colbran declined an invitation to the meeting. The email report sent for information was noted.





To agree Community Councillor representative on Taf Bargoed Learning Partnership Governing Body.


Cllr Searl is not able to attend Taf Bargoed LP meetings due to other commitments so a new Community Council representative is needed. Cllr Matthews expressed an interest and is appointed Community Council School Governor.


Resolved, Cllr Beard proposed, and Cllr Searl seconded.



To agree MUGA costs.


To agree grant requests from Taf Bargoed Learning Partnership PTA.


To consider speeding issues on Lewis Street and Commercial Street, Bedlinog


To note issues with Rights of Way through Ty’R-y-Wen Farm


To note issues of flooding on Taf Road



MUGA costs: whilst three company’s have been contacted, only one provided a quotation. It was requested that a second quote is sought and brought back to next Council for comparison.


Grant applications: Taf Bargoed Learning Partnership PTA was approved.


Resolved, Cllr Beard proposed, and Cllr Matthews seconded.


Speeding issues Lewis Street and Commercial Street, Bedlinog – RJ will report these to Road Safety at MTCBC.


Right of Way through Ty’R-y-Wen Farm – the electric gate is still in place through the Right of Way, RJ will query with Rights of Way at MTCBC.


Flooding issues on Taf Road – RJ will report to Highways, MTCBC.


Date of Next Meeting

To note the date and time of the next Council meeting.


The next meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams, Monday 8th November 2021 at 6.15pm.


Cllr Searl advised that he would need to send his apologies for the next meeting.


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