Agenda and draft minutes

No. Item


To Receive Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Cllr Thomas and Searl.


Cllr Dawson was absent.


To Receive Declarations of Personal/Prejudicial Interest


In relation to item number 296, Cllr Jago advised that she is a volunteer for Bedlinog Youth Group.


In relation to item number 297, Cllr Beard advised that he is associated with the applicant of planning application P/22/0166 in a professional capacity.


To Receive Representations/Questions from the Public in relation to Business Items on the Agenda


There were none.


To Receive Report from the Police


No report was received from the Police this month.


To Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting


RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held 13-06-2022.


Matters Arising from the Minutes


Item 279 – the £500 grant to Bedlinog Angling Association has been paid.


Item 280 – the £500 grant to Bedlinog AFC has been paid.


Item 282 – A sub-committee is required to discuss future plans with the Trustees of Trelewis OAP Hall. The clerk will contact Cllrs for nominations.


Item 283 – A request has been made to MTCBC Street Lighting Team to install the defibrillator cabinet in Stormtown, Trelewis, near the bus stop. An installation date is pending.


Item 285 – An application for funding has been made to bring the MUGA in Trelewis back into use, we are awaiting outcome of the application.


The Info Point for the digital Interpretation Board has been repaired and sent back to the Clerk, who will arrange installation at Nant Llwynog Park.


Item 288 – The annual Return approved at the last Council meeting has been submitted to Audit Wales as part of the external audit requirements.


To agree funding a freezer for the Community Centre kitchen to use utilised by Bedlinog Youth Group and any other service users


RESOLVED to approve £500 for the purchase of a freezer for Bedlinog Community Centre kitchen to be utilised by Bedlinog Youth Group and other service users.


To Consider Planning Applications P/22/0166; P/18/0304; P/22/0053


P/22/0166 - Change of use of church hall to residential dwelling, erection of single storey extension and other associated works. Land At Former Trinity Baptist Church Richards Terrace, Trelewis.


RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.


P/22/0169 - Variation of conditions 2 and 3 of outline planning permission P/18/0304 (residential development) to extend the time period for commencement of development and for the submission of reserved matters (a further 3 years). Land To The North Of Shingrig And Gelligaer Road East Of Mineral Railway Line And West Of Nant Caiach Stream, Trelewis.


RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.


P/22/0171 - Non-material amendment to planning permission P/22/0053 to reduce the size of the dwellings, adjust the layout and alter the material finishes. Land Between 26 Gelligaer Road and The Farm Shop, Trelewis Treharris, CF46 6DN.


RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.



To Receive the County Councillors Report


County Cllr Colbran declined an invitation to attend the meeting and sent an email update.


County Cllr Symonds was in attendance and updated Cllrs on the issues raised at the previous meeting. In relation to Taf Road – some works should have been carried out in February 2022, so Cllr Symonds is chasing this with the appropriate department at MTCBC.


In relation to the rats around the Tennis Courts, Bedlinog, Cllr Symonds reported this, and Pest Control have advised that the area needs to be cut back before any treatment can take place.


Regarding the path from Community Centre to Bedlinog Rec. as this is not Council owned then MTCBC do not have responsibility for the repairs. Cllr Jago advised that Oakland street is very congested on match days and the path was previously heavily used and that there are also holes in the recreational ground on the same river bank that need attention as these are dangerous. Cllr Jago made a plea that MTCBC look into making the path safe and usable again when they carry out repairs along the river path at the recreational ground. Cllr Preston echoed the comments that this path was previously heavily used.


Cllr Symonds advised that the a site visit will take place with Officers to look at turning the bus stop around at the end of Taf Road (Trelewis end).


Cllr Symonds shared the County Councillor update for June 2022.


The Clerk raised a Stormtown resident query in relation to speeding issues. And requirement for children’s play space in Stormtown. Cllr Symonds advised that a speed survey was carried out last year and 2% of vehicles were found to be speeding. The Tennis Courts are owned by the Council and there was previously planning to have a car park there, now that there is additional interest, a further consultation will be carried out on future use of the Tennis Courts.


A further query was discussed in relation to Fire Brigade access to Trelewis Primary School. Cllr Symonds advised that the fire brigade retain a special asset which is able to fit under the bridge and get access to the school in the event of an emergency.


Cllr Beard raised an issue regarding the road markings by Club Row Bridge, just before the entrance to rock UK, and also the electronic sign that is not working. Cllr Symonds advised that she would look into this and also said that further requests have been made for electronic digital signs within the community. Cllr Preston raised issues with the crash barrier around the bridge  - stating it needs to be replaced or painted and the trees need to be cut back also.  


Cllr Beard enquired as to why Trelewis is a Flying Start area but Bedlinog is not included. Cllr Jago gave some background and stated that Trelewis has always qualified, Bedlinog was previously qualifying but the ranking changed and they lost the profile for regeneration monies for areas to receive funding. Accessibility to transport  ...  view the full minutes text for item 298.


To Receive Correspondence not specifically referenced on the Agenda (Decisions cannot be taken in relation to matters raised under this Agenda item)


Notification has been received that the defibrillator located at the Top Bus Stop in Bedlinog, was used 10/07/2022. It is currently out of use as replacement pads are needed and a post has been made on our social media channels to advise residents of this.


The 2022 version of the Good Councillors Guide has been emailed to all Community Councillors.


A letter from the Minister for Finance and Local Government has been shared in relation to ‘The Finance & Governance Toolkit for Community and Town Councils’.  Using the toolkit will help ensure the Council has high standards of governance, accountability, and financial management, and delivers the best for the community. The Clerk will complete the toolkit and report back to the September meeting.


Examination of Payment and Accounts (Payments made from 23 May 2022)


RESOLVED to approve the payments and receipts made between 23-05-2022 to 30-05-2022.


To Approve the Bank Reconciliation dates 30th May 2022


RESOLVED to approve the Bank Reconciliation dated 30th May 2022.


To Approve the Budget Report


RESOLVED to approve the budget report.


AOB (as previously agreed with the Chair; for information only - decisions cannot be taken in relation to matters raised under this Agenda item)


There was none.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held Monday 12th September 2022, 6.15pm, via Microsoft Teams.


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