Agenda item

MTCBC Change Programme - Projects Report 5

To consider report of the Chief Executive.


Councillor D Roberts having Declared his Interest in this item left the Meeting for the consideration of this item.


Councillor P Williams referred to the recommendations at Paragraph 2.2 of the report and referred to the recommendation of the Joint Scrutiny / Audit Committee regarding the exception of Green Bank Waste being deferred for a  period of three months.


Councillor P Williams then referred to a letter that had been received from the Older Persons Commissioner outlining that any proposals in relation to charges and services must be subject to an Equality Impact Assessment at a very early stage, even before discussion by Cabinet.


Councillor Williams further advised that Scrutiny may wish to consider issues prior to Cabinet but that at this stage he was only advising the Council of the letter that had been received as work would be undertaken by the Officers prior to the visit of the Commissioner.


Councillor Williams also referred to a Workshop that had been arranged for all Councillors on 11 May 2016 to cover both the Social Services and Wellbeing Act and the Future Generations Act.


Resolved that:


(a)  The Cabinet recommended Income Management and Cost Recovery Policy attached as Appendix 1 of the report be approved

(b)  The Cabinet recommended additional income generation opportunities of £611,000, attached as Appendices 2 and 4 of the report be approved with the exception of Green Bulky Waste Collections to be deferred for a period of three months

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