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Information Reports

To receive summary copies of published Internal Audit reports for Members information:


·         Budgetary Control 2016/17

·         Creditors 2016/17

·         Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction 2016/17

·         Cash Income 2016/17

·         VAT Systems & Procedures 2016/17 (Follow Up)

·         Car Allowances, Travel & Subsistence Systems & procedures 2016/17 (Follow Up)

·         Gellifaelog primary School 2016/17 (Follow Up)

·         Gwaunfarren Primary School 2016/17 (Follow Up)

·         St Aloysius Primary School 2016/17 (Follow Up)

·         St Mary’s RC Primary School 2016/17 (Follow Up)


Due to the size of the reports paper copies have not been included with the agenda papers and electronic versions sent direct to Members.


The Chair referred to the Internal Audit Reports which have been circulated separately to members of the Audit Committee.   He advised members that if there are concerns raised on any of these reports, that they can be scheduled to a future meeting. 


Discussion ensued in relation to the detail and layout of these reports, and Louise Ballinger advised that she can share the detailed content of each of these reports if required.    


A Committee Member queried whether a paper copy could be made available to the Audit Committee Members. 

Supporting documents:


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