Agenda item

The Medium Term Financial Strategy

To consider the attached report


The Chair welcomed Alun Michael Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Lewis Deputy Chief Constable, Emma Wools Deputy Commissioner, Lee Jones Interim Chief of Staff, Umar Hussain Chief Finance Officer and Stephen Trigg Chair Local Police Federation to the Meeting.


The Panel were then circulated with a letter from Matt Jukes Chief Constable in relation to the item.


The Panel were also circulated with a further Appendix (13a) in relation to the Revenue Budget 2018/19.


The Panel then received a Presentation from Mr Michael, Mr Lewis, Ms Wools, Mr Hussain, Mr Trigg and Mr Jones giving details of the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2018-2022 and Police Precept 2018-19:


·         Change in Police Officer Strength 1979 to 2017 – England and Wales and South Wales Police

·         Cumulative Impact of Government Decisions on Police Funding 1995–2022

·         Prevention and Intervention – Bid Title

·         Police and Crime Commissioners Budget

·         Budget Pressures from Cuts and Inflation

·         Budget Reconciliation and Savings 2016-2019

·         Capital Programme and Funding

·         Comparative Position Reserves

·         Percentage of Debt to Annual Budget 2017-18

·         Vulnerability Gap

·         Pay and Price Inflation / New NI Charges / LPGS Apprenticeship Levy / Vulnerability Gap / Emergency Services Network

·         Precept History to 2017/18

·         Police Precept as % of Total Budget

·         What we do compared to our most similar Forces

·         Total Crime Recorded 2017

·         Crime: Increasing and more complex

·         Violence against the Person- Violence without injury-Sexual Offences

·         Hidden Harms

·         Non Crime Demand is Huge

·         Policing the Capital: A Unique Challenge

·         Major Events

·         The Funding Settlement

·         Council Tax Bands across the South Wales Police Area

·         Percentage of Dwellings with less than Band D Charge

·         Savings made to 2017/18

·         National picture of a £12 Precept increase in terms of %

·         Unresolved Funding Inequities

·         Comparison of Policing Performance

·         Changes in External Grant Funding 2010-2018

·         Conclusions

·         Precept History to 2017/18


Mr Michael then referred to the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2018-2022 and recommended an increase of £1.27 per month or 7%.


The Panel then raised the following questions on the report and were responded to in detail by Mr Michael:


·         What has changed from the last Panel Meeting to increase the Precept to 7%

·         Is 7% enough to ensure that there are no extra pressures on Officers

·         Increased Governance Costs


Mr Michael and the Officers then left the Meeting to enable the Panel to consider the recommendation.


Considerable debate then ensued on the recommendation as contained within the report with the Panel commenting that any savings were not to be taken away from front line Policing


Simon Jones then reminded the Committee that to Veto the recommendation eight Panel Members had to vote for the Veto.


A vote was then taken on whether to Veto the recommendation of 7% and the number required to Veto was not reached.  Therefore it was


Resolved that:


There is an increase of £1.27 per month (£15.28 per annum or 7%) which results in a Council Tax on a Band D Property of £233.52 and gives a total Precept requirement of £113,598,846 which would be Precepted on the relevant billing Authority in accordance with Appendix 13.


Councillor J Thomas left the Meeting at 1.30 pm.


Mr Michael and the Officers re-entered the Meeting and were advised by the Chair of the decision of the Panel.


Supporting documents:


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