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Recycling / Landfill Performance Data

See attached report


Steven Thomas referred Committee to the report and advised that the data was only for the first ¾ of the year, but the chart was for the year 2017.


The following questions were raised by Committee and answered in detail by the Officers:-



Kerbside Recycling


·                     How many complaints are being received regarding the mess left on roadside following kerbside collection.

·                     What steps are being taken to encourage food recycling, do we anticipate this figure will increase and what enforcement action will be taken.

·                     Are members of the public aware the food recycling bags are free.

·                     Are there any plans/talks to move from fortnightly to three weekly or monthly collections.

·                     Do all Local Authorities follow the kerbside sort system Welsh Government collection blueprint.

·                     Should recycling that is dropped by refuse collectors be picked up.

·                     Are pets/animals eating left over food being used as a reason/excuse for not food recycling.

·                     Will the plastic recycling expand to include other plastic items.

·                     What is the eligibility criteria for obtaining a larger sized whellie bin.

·                     Do people complain and say their bins have not been collected when actually they haven’t put them out on time.

·                     How long do residents wait for new recycling bins/boxes/bags, how much is spent on replacing these and is it funded by Welsh Government.

·                     How are recycling collection routes monitored.

·                     Did the introduction of the Kerbside sort recycling system go out for public consultation.

·                     What other recycling systems are available in Wales and do you believe we are using the right system.


Trolley Boxes


·                     What criteria will be used in deciding who receives these.

·                     What goes in the trolley boxes.

·                     Will residents have an option whether to use them or not.

·                     How many properties in the County Borough will be suitable to use these.


Civic Amenity Sites


·                     Clarification sought on the progress of civic amenity sites returning in-house.

·                     Have we decided on the rules and regulations regarding vans using the civic amenity sites.

·                     Will we be selling items from the civic amenity site like other Local Authorities.


Other Questions


·                     What happens to the content of private skips/how can we encourage the recycling of these materials.

·                     Have other Local Authorities who are ranked higher than us in the all wales table been contacted for best practice advice.

·                     Are we getting near to the amount in the clause whereby we will be fined by Viridor Energy, where is Trident Park and is there any financial benefit to us.

·                     Will the Welsh Government plastic bottle deposit scheme cause a detrimental financial effect.

·                     Where does the 400K income mentioned in the report go.

·                     What was the evaluation of the school education programme and has the engagement with the schools helped with littering.

·                     Clarification sought over the separated collection service from farms and the purchase of a new vehicle.

·                     What is the difference between items recycled, reused and composted.

·                     Have any Local Authorities had to pay the fines for not reaching their recycling targets.

·                     How do you account for the 10% increase in one year with regard to the Welsh Government recovery target and what are our targets for 2017/18.

·                     Do you have the figures for the full year with regard to the provisional recovery rate and are you concerned the recovery rate is lower than last year.

·                     Do you have a breakdown of recycling trends in different areas of the County Borough and can these be sent to Councillors.

·                     Are problems foreseen now that China has placed sanctions on plastic waste.

·                     How many staff work in a recycling and a refuse truck and why is there a difference.

·                     How many tonnes of cardboard do we collect/how much loss of income now that we do not receive £67 per tonne collected.


Resolved that:


The content of the report be noted.



Supporting documents:


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