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P/18/0330 - Land at East Street and Upper Union Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil

To consider report of the Deputy Chief Executive


The Chair formally opened the meeting and referred to the Council’s Constitution whereby the public in attendance are unable to address the committee.


The Planning Officer introduced the application to the committee, provided plans of the proposed site and highlighted the salient points within the report.


The following places of interest were visited by the committee:


·         Spring Street / East Street

·         Car Park of Cancer Aid

·         Therapy Rooms at Cancer Aid


The following questions were raised by the committee members and responded to by the Planning and Highways Officers in attendance.


Spring Street / East Street


·         Are Planning Officers aware of the natural springs on the proposed site


·         Is widening of the highway part of the application


·         Clarification was sort in relation to the following objection contained within the report – ‘the advice given at pre-application stage, relating to parking in front of the bungalows, landscaping and design of the retaining walls have not been addressed’


·         Clarification was sort in relation to the position of the entrance to the 6, one bedroom flats


·         Clarification was sort in relation to the height of the flats and whether there would be overlooking issues


·         One of the objections relates to the detrimental impact on the Dowlais Conservation Area, has this been considered by the Planning Officers


·         Highway safety concerns were raised in relation to the development of an additional 2m footpath to the front of the proposed development as large vehicles currently accessing the street have to use the grass verge where the foot path is proposed


·         Will the 4, two bedroom semi-detached properties be overlooking the existing properties on Spring Street / East Street


The following concerns were raised by the Ward Councillors


·         Distance between new development and existing development

·         Overlooking

·         Access to the driveways of the potential development would be an issue due to the narrow highway and on street parking

·         Has the impact on Cancer Aid been considered

·         The area outlined for the development is not conducive to housing


Cancer Aid Car Park


·         Confirmation was sought in relation to the distance from the Cancer Aid boundary to the proposed development


·         Clarification was sought on whether the hours of work could be revisited by the Planning Department and the developers to minimise disturbance to Cancer Aid and the visiting patients


·         Confirmation was sought in relation to how much of the proposed development would be visible from Cancer Aid


·         Confirmation was sought in relation to the timescale for the completion of the development


·         Will the rear entrances to the proposed developments be at street level


The following concerns were raised by the Ward Councillors


·         The Therapeutic rooms at Cancer Aid are along the side of the building facing the proposed development which will maximise disruption to the services provided by Cancer Aid

·         How far will the proposed developments rear gardens be from the Cancer Aid Boundary 

·         What height are the proposed retaining walls

·         The future of Cancer Aid is at risk if this development goes ahead


Visit to Therapy Rooms at Cancer Aid


·         How high will the retaining wall be to the South West of Cancer Aid


·         Will the view from the therapy rooms be diminished if the proposed development goes ahead


·         Clarification was sought in relation to the developer and Cancer Aid meeting to discuss a potential plan in relation to minimising disruption to the therapy rooms


The following concerns were raised by the Ward Councillors


·         In relation to the removal of the two bungalows from the current application, is there a chance of another developer building on the site.

·         If the current proposal is granted will it make it easier for developers to get the planning approved on the site where the two bungalows have been removed

·         There is currently Knot Weed on the site, will removal encourage spreading




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