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Tackling Poverty

To consider the attached report


The Chair welcomed Alyn Owen, Chris Hole and Deb Ryan-Newton to the Meeting.


Alyn Owen then referred the Committee to the ‘Tackling Poverty’ report and together with the Officers responded in detail to the following questions raised by the Committee:


·         Paragraph 5.2 – Explanation requested on this Paragraph – What are the 10 Grants – Not enough information on the sums of money – How can Scrutiny obtain more information – For example what is the input of Family First – More information needed on where and how on support

·         Where is the Evaluation and what is the impact


Alyn Owen then suggested a Workshop with each Operational Lead for these Grants with an explanation of what the Programme does


·         Paragraph 5.3 – Rent Smart Wales – Explanation requested on how this is part of Tackling Poverty

·         Strategy – Paragraph 3.1 – What funding is given – Further information sought on how much is received and what work is undertaken

·         Restriction on the flexibility to move funds around – What is the criteria from the Welsh Government on moving monies between funds

·         Strategy – The reason why is it not signed by the Cabinet Member

·         The impact of Universal Credit on Poverty – Why is this not included in the Strategy

·         The impact of having to wait for money that could lead to Homelessness

·         What approach does the Council take if it is owed money - The impact on Council Tax – The duty to collect but chasing money that can’t be paid – The impact on the Strategy

·         If the Strategy has meaning it has to impact on the whole of the Council if the Tackling Poverty agenda is going to be delivered

·         What is the name of the new Single Advice Fund


Chris Hole advised that he would circulate to all Councillors a Briefing Note on the Single Advice Fund


·         Information requested on what the funds are

·         Homelessness Prevention – Is this the only fund for this or is there funding elsewhere

·         Strategy – Regeneration – 250 what? (The word Businesses missing)

·         Strategy – Definition of Poverty – Vision – Where did this definition come from

·         Strategy – Medium Term Objectives – Indoor and Outdoor Facilities Strategy – Pitch Fees – Is it counter productive

·         Who are the staff in post to give advice

·         Grants for 2021/2022 - There should be training for all Councillors for what happens if Grants are not continued

·         Paragraph 5.2 – Ten Grants – What Performance Management Framework is used – How can Performance be monitored if there are ten teams to manage the Grants – How does it relate to the Local Framework in terms of the Strategy

·         Very complex issue to understand

·         Our Vision – If Grants are taken away where does this leave the Council with the Local Vision

·         Paragraph 7.2/7.3 – What is the differentiation between the three themes – Explanation of the event

·         Is it too early for the Strategy with so much work to be done

·         What is the current situation with the Operational Plan and how does this link in


The Chair then recommended a Workshop for the Committee to obtain a deeper and better understanding.


A Member then suggested that this Workshop be for all Councillors and Co-opted Members and Alyn Owen advised that he would get back to the Committee on this


The Chair then referred to the events being organised by Deb Ryan-Newton and for Committee Members to attend these as well to gain a better understanding with consideration then being given to the Committee Work Programme.


Alyn Owen advised that he would come back to the Chair on this and the Committee would be advised.

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