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Human Resources Report

To consider report of the Interim Chief Executive


The Chair welcomed Councillor A Barry, Fran Donnelly, Hannah Brown and Paul Williams to the Meeting.


Fran Donnelly referred the Committee to the ‘Human Resources’ Report and together with Councillor Barry and the Officers responded in detail to the following questions that were raised by the Committee:


Single Points of Dependency (SPOD’s)


·         Clarification sought on the Legal SPOD

·         Explanation sought on the different issues under SPOD’s and Capacity

·         Succession planning



Staff Capability


·         Is this from the bottom to the top of the Organisation – Is it more for Management level- Skill set if from a different Organisation

·         Do Managers have time to produce Capability reports and procedures to effectively manage staff

·         Part of staff capability is the ability to log small details – Do Managers have the information to determine if the Policy works – Do Managers have time to do this

·         Request made for capability figures for the last three years

·         How many times has a capability process been seen through to the end

·         Accuracy of the data on capability

·         Suggestion – That an ICT information gathering system be used to save time and to give the Committee the exact information that is out there

·         May be improvements with new software but not if an issue of culture

·         Problems with identifying who has been placed on capability – The pressure on people under capability and the link to stress and sickness

·         The need to get the information onto an ICT system as soon as possible

·         Are all Managers trained – Are all Managers dealing in the same way – Are all Managers fully trained up

·         Are 1:1’s a matter of course with all staff – Frequency of 1:1’s – Managers time for these

·         Clarity sought on: The overall picture of Capability – How it is being done – The role of HR

·         Less Managers – Multi skilled staff – How is capability being checked – Who interviews Managers on Capability – Time consuming for Managers – Efficiency cuts – What plans are in place

·         What are the costs for new ICT Software – Will it be costly or affordable in the budget – Timescales for implementation

·         What if extra staff are required to implement new and extra systems

·         Has this been factored into next years budget


Capacity Exercise


·         Paragraph 3.1.1 – Areas identified in the table – How many staff is this in total

·         Explanation requested in relation to unallocated funds

·         Capacity, Sickness rates and Capability all tied together


Work Related Stress and Staff Sickness


·         Sickness costs – Details requested on the provision of Occupational Health

·         Comparison figures requested for before 2015/16 of costs when the  Occupational Health service was in house

·         (Paul Williams advised that he would supply this data)

·         What is the way forward – Are there sickness hotspots – Is there random drug/drink testing


The Redundancy Process


·         No questions raised on this


The impact of the VR/VER Process


·         Request made for a breakdown for each section on the impact VR/VER has had on that section

·         (Fran Donnelly advised that this would be done with the service areas that had lost staff in April)

·         Staff Culture Survey - Why was this not used as a snapshot of VR/VER – How did the staff feel - Concerns need to be known – Should have been included in the report

·         (The Chair stated that the Committee would have expected to see the results)

·         Could a Wellbeing Survey be undertaken with staff to see how staff are feeling individually

·         No staff numbers provided for the posts detailed in the table – Explanation of why some posts are not in the Medium Term Financial Plan


Agency Workers


·         Explanation requested on the length of service for some agency staff – Why had these agency staff not been appointed – Have these staff been offered a permanent position

·         Explanation requested in relation to applying for a post and the advertising of posts

·         Cost of agency staff in comparison to permanent staff

·         IR 35 – Are the rights the same

·         What is the cost to the Authority in relation to IR 35 in line with Authority staff

·         Comparison of costs from last year under IR35 requested

·         (Fran Donnelly advised that she would produce this data for the Committee)



·         Clarity requested on measures – Are KPI’s used

·         The need for evidence and the implications of getting H R wrong


Councillor A Barry then addressed the Committee giving details of the pressures on the Authority.


A suggestion was then made that the Committee support the implementation of the new H R system but was not agreed.  A suggestion was also made to investigate if this new system could be developed in house.


The Chair then referred to the matters to be followed up with the H R Department:


·         A copy of the Culture Survey Results for the Committee and the actions resulting from this survey

·         The impact of VR/VER on Services

·         The cost implications of IR35 in comparison to agency staff costs

·         The potential alternative to bought in H R software


Resolved that:


(a)  The content of the report and progress made to date be noted

(b)  The further information requested at the Meeting be circulated to the Committee


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