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MTCBC has requested the Community Council to confirm the numbers of Christmas lights required for 2020. It was suggested that 17 lights be provided for each village at a cost of £4080. Cllr Matthews proposed the cost be approved and this was seconded by Cllr Preston. Council resolved to approve a total of 34 lights at a cost of £4080.


ACTION: Cllr Matthews to provide Trelewis locations for the Christmas light frames to be installed. NB Cllr Frayne has provided the Bedlinog locations.


The Community Council would like to do something for the children within the community this Christmas after a difficult year – an on-site Pantomime at both schools was suggested, however, due to logistical issues around cleaning and social distancing, Cllr Jago advised that she had discussed this with Mr Ryan Morgan, Executive Headteacher, and he felt that a Summer Pantomime would be more appropriate next year. RJ advised that he has made a grant application to a community fund organisation to cover this cost and we await a decision.


Cllr Jago advised that as the PTA’s at both schools had been unable to raise money this year, the schools had enquired if the Community Council would fund a Christmas gift for each pupil. Cllr Jago advised that this also needs to apply to those pupils living in Bedlinog and Trelewis but attend Greenfield Special School, Edwardsville Primary School and Ysgol Rhyd Y Grug. The cost would be £684 in total. Cllr Preston proposed that this budget be approved, and this was seconded by Cllr Evans. Council resolved to approve the budget of £684.


Cllr Jago raised that the spare classroom in Bedlinog Primary School is currently being used as the Community Library. As there is a need to maintain social distancing at the school, however, the room is now required by the school for classroom use. Mr Morgan has asked if the Community Council would consider the Community Library re-locating to Bedlinog Community Centre. There will be some ICT equipment and book shelving and the Caretaker at the school would be happy to re-locate the equipment and install the shelving at the Community Centre. RJ advised that the current Broadband connection at the Community Centre would not be adequate to maintain use of several computers for training courses/job searches etc. and a discussion would need to be had with the Leisure Trust about their ICT requirements. Cllr Searl proposed that the re-location of the Community Library to the Community Centre be approved and this was seconded by Cllr Preston. Council resolved to agree to the re-location of the Community Library.


ACTION: Cllr Jago to advise Mr Morgan that the re-location has been approved and to contact RJ to progress this.


Cllr Jago advised Council that working through the pandemic it has come to light that there are several older people living in social isolation within the community. Cllr Jago would like to provide ‘Christmas parcels’ for over 70-year olds and get a group of volunteers together to help deliver them. Cllr Jago asked if the Community Council would help fund the parcels. Cllr Searl said that the Community Council would be happy to help pending Cllr Jago providing costs per parcel.

ACTION: Cllr Jago will put together costs per parcel and email this to the Community Councillors for consideration.


A resident has contacted Cllr Jago from Garth Terrace, Bedlinog, complainging that the dog waste bin has been placed on a lampost outside their property. Cllr Jago asked if RJ could arrange for the bin to be moved to the next lampost down within the street.


ACTION: RJ to arrange the dog waste bin in Garth Terrace, Bedlinog, to be moved.


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