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Matters Arising


No requests were received from electors in the Trelewis Community Ward to hold an election for the casual vacancy, a NOTICE of Co-option has now been published and is open until 12pm Monday 21st December.


Keep Wales Tidy will be onsite at Bedlinog Community Centre on the 17th and 18th December to complete work on the Wildlife Garden.


Cllr Searl updated Council on his site meeting with a member of the Street Lighting Team from MTCBC, Cllr Searl advised that there will be two new lights put up by the end of the financial year near the roundabout at the end of Hylton Terrace. All the lights on the right-hand side of Hylton Terrace will be removed because they were disconnected many years ago when LED’s were put on the left-hand side. The roundabout light is not working again and a report has been logged with street lighting for repair. Cllr Searl stated that Street Lighting Team have advised him that the lights outside of the support living accommodation in Bedlinog do not belong to MTCBC. Cllr Preston stated that the landlord is Hafod Housing and Cllr Searl advised that he would contact them to advise of the broken lights.


ACTION: Cllr Searl to contact Hafod Housing to discuss broken light issue.


MTCBC have been unable to source quotations to date for the fencing to be extended to help control the anti-social behaviour at the Kick-about area. The Clerk has engaged with a local builder who is obtaining prices for the Community Council.


Street Lighting have confirmed that some errors have been made with the Christmas Light installations and will be working to rectify these this week.


The consultation has ended for the sites identified for works as part of the Local Places for Nature grant. MTCBC have issued the appropriate licences to the Community Council and work can commence in the new year. The works to Bedlinog Allotments has been confirmed and will commence in the new year.


RJ has been in contact with Bedlinog Miners Welfare Association for an update on how they plan to proceed with their request for BTCC to take on charitable guardianship of the recreational land around Bedlinog Community Centre – the Area Manager was waiting on a response from their CEO and will chase this up. Mrs Yvonne Wood is finalising the accounts for FY19-20 so that these can be shared with BTCC for Councillors to review pending a decision on how to proceed is made.


The Planning department at MTCBC were notified of the Community Council’s objections to planning application P/20/0242.


Work will be starting on the installation of the solar panels on Bedlinog Community Centre in the new year. A digital media company has been engaged to work on the Social Media campaign and a site meeting has taken place at Parc Taf Bargoed and The Climbing Centre to look at locations for the water re-fil stations. RJ has requested that Cllrs participate in the social media campaign videos.


Cllr Jago advised Council that the blocked drain in Bedlinog Hill has been reported to MTCBC.


Council discussed in November’s meeting that they would monitor the Pest Control service and covering costs of the first visit on a monthly basis. RJ advised that there has only been one report this month.


The dog waste bins have been ordered for Bedlinog Terrace, Glyn Bargoed House, and the new playground area on the Shindrig Estate, Bedlinog High Street and Pleasant View.


Cllr Jago did not have exact costs for the Christmas packs being prepared for residents. Cllr Jago advised that she would confirm costs but expects the Community Council contribution to be no more than £300. Council can approve the spend when final costs are received.


ACTION: Cllr Jago to confirm cost of each bag and sources of other funding for Community Council to agree financial contribution.


Cllr Jago advised that she had made the Deputy Chief Executive at MTCBC, Alyn Owen, aware of the broken fence along Taff Road. MTCBC had advised that as it is private land, they do not have a statutory obligation to repair the fence, but it is a priority area to look for external funding.


RJ has investigated the wall repair opposite the recreation ground, as it is private land then the owner would need to seek legal advice and issue permission/licence to the community council to go ahead and repair the wall. There are no principal powers and duties that allows us to pay for a wall repair on private land. We could look at Section 137 but need to consider what benefits this would bring to the community.


ACTION: RJ to contact landowner to discuss their plans for repairs.


The Terms of Reference has been drafted for the Staffing Committee. Cllr Jeff Beard proposed that the ToR be approved and adopted, this was seconded by Cllr Preston. Council resolved to approve and adopt the Staffing Committee ToR.


ACTION: RJ to upload the ToR to the Community Council website.


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