Agenda item

Budget and Demand Presentation

To receive a presentation from the Commissioner


The Chair suggested that Item 6 (Budget and Demand Presentation) and Item 7 (Precept Budget Report and Medium Term Financial Strategy) be dealt with as one item.  The Commissioner agreed that dealing with the items as one would set the context and led to the recommendation in the report.


The Chair welcomed the Chief Constable to the meeting.


The Commissioner provided a summary introduction and started the presentation to Panel providing further detail on:


·         Drive Tackling Perpetrators and Preventing Harm

·         Women’s Pathfinder

·         Working with Partners


The Commissioner handed over to the Chief Constable to continue the presentation.


The Chief Constable provided further detail on:


·         Demand in 2020 compared to 2019

·         Calls for Services (999 & 101 calls)

·         Volumes of Key Demands

·         Impact of Drug Demands (Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, Possession of Weapons and Serious Violence).

·         Police Response – 381,330 occurrences

·         Fewer Reports – Positive Action Maintained

·         Domestic Violence and Abuse Support

·         Tackling High Harms

·         High Performing Force

·         Victim Satisfaction Surveys

·         £2.1m Investment in incident resolution team, vehicle logistics, mental health triage and missing persons team

·         Officer Uplift Investment

·         Delivery Plan 2021-24 : Themes and High Level Priorities

·         Key Challenges Going Forward


The Commissioner invited Chief Finance Officer, Umar Hussain to provide details on the finances.


Mr Hussain presented  information on the following matters:


·         Budget 2021 – 22 Headlines

·         Independent Value for Money Judgement

·         £58M cuts 2010

·         Cumulative Impact of Central Government Decisions on Police Funding

·         Change in police officer numbers 1979 and forecast to 2022

·         Reconciliation of Funding 2021/22

·         Medium Term Financial Projections 2021-25


In conclusion Chief Finance Officer (Treasurer) – Peter Curran presented information on:


·         Wales: Precept History

·         Percentage of Dwelling below Band D Charge

·         Council Tax Bands across South Wales Police Area

·         Home Office Precept Settlement


Due to inconsistent internet connection, the Commissioner took over the presentation and presented the following information:


·         Public Consultation

·         Cumulative Impact of Central Government Decisions on Police Funding

·         What we are paying for?


The Chair thanked the Commissioner and his Team for the presentation and invited Panel to ask questions.


The Panel raised the matters listed below and asked the following questions:


·         How much will the infrastructure costs be to support the additional new officers and how much of the increase in the precept will be used to contribute towards this?


·         Clarity sought over amount of covid funding that had been received and how many covid calls were received and dealt with.


·         Concern over level of increase versus the decline in visible police officers.


·         What extent has the lack of going to Court due to covid had an impact on police time and work and how long will the backlog take to clear?


·         What percentage of the precept goes towards the Commissioner’s Office?


·         Concern raised on the amount of potential redundancies following the end of the furlough scheme and the impact that the increase in council tax would cause on families.


·         Concern raised regarding the year on year precept increase over and above the rate of inflation.


The Chair thanked the Commissioner and his Team for the detailed answers provided to the questions/points raised and invited them to leave the meeting for the Panel to deliberate and make their decision regarding the precept.




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