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Absorbant Hygiene Product (Nappy) Recycling

To consider the attached report


The Chair advised that this item (3) would be dealt with following Item (4) Draft Work Programme, as the Work Programme would need to be approved before dealing with any other reports.


Following approval of the draft Work Programme the Chair introduced Stephen Thomas who provided a brief introduction to the Absorbant Hygiene Product (Nappy) Recycling Report.


The following questions and comments were raised by Committee and answered in detail by the officers:-


·       In June 2019 a Motion was put before Full Council relating to a nappy recycling scheme and the resolution read ‘a full detailed business case and viability study be carried out to implement a nappy recycling scheme in Merthyr Tydfil at the earliest opportunity and that a report be brought back to Full Council Meeting in December 2019’.  What is the reason why the instruction of the Full Council two years ago has not been implemented? 


A Member requested that the answer to this question be recorded in the Minutes.   In response J Jones advised ‘that we are not yet in a position to do this as the Welsh Government are looking into providing a nappy recycling/AHP recycling facility in both North Wales and South Wales, so that all authorities in Wales can carry this out, and until this procurement exercise is underway and established that gives all the required figures that we would need to compile a business case, then a report will not be brought back to Council’.


·       Clarity sought and further information requested with regard to:


-       AMGEN

-       How other Local Authorities manage nappy recycling schemes and the costs involved

-       Recycling rates/tonnage

-       Contractors/suppliers and costs involved

-       Flytipping waste/tonnage

-       Capacity in vehicles if nappies were not included in the refuse

-       Amount of yellow topped bins and numbers applied for/refused

-       Issuing Permits

-       HP Centre - did we put a bid in for a similar centre


·       6.2


-       Is the 60K for each member of staff or two together?

-       4K containers – how many containers is this based on?


·       If and when introduced, would you need a separate facility to take these to or could they be stored at either of the current recycling centres?

·       Where do RCT and Blaenau Gwent CBC’s take theirs and how often is it taken?

·       4.1 Can you do anything with bottom ash or is it toxic?




·       Negative Report – never seen such a negative report come to Committee, comes across as we don’t want to do it.

·       Members agreed that the present situation is no further forward than when the Motion was accepted by the Council two years ago, residents having to jam products into bins that are too small.  Need a proper report detailing when this will be done, this is not good enough for our residents.

·       Need to be working with other local authorities, not just RCT CBC.

·       Detriment to residents and environment.

·       Number of inaccuracies in the report.


·       Recommendation was to debate and consider, we need to ask for a further report to be brought to Full Council containing more detail.


Resolved that:


A further report be brought back to the next Scrutiny Meeting on the 5th July 2021 providing an update from Welsh Government and a timeline for a more detailed report to come back to Scrutiny Committee/Full Council.

Supporting documents:


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