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Matters Arising & Clerk's Report

(i) To discuss matters arising.

(ii) To approve payments for June 2021.


Item 132 – request for more bins in Stormtown, Trelewis – Cllr Jago advised that if there is a need, MTCBC can put them onto the schedule for collection. A small consultation with residents in Stormtown is required to understand where they should be sited, also residents need to report dog fouling, so MTCBC recognise the area as a hot-spot area.


Open recycling containers – recycling trolleys with fixed lids, are these going to be trialled in top Bedlinog and Trelewis. Cllr Jago queried this with MTCBC and advised that the original scheme for the trolleys was funded by WG and there were only enough trolley boxes for a trial in each ward. Feedback from residents was that they were difficult to store, residents did not want to carry them through their houses either. Blue bags are staying, and the design is going to be improved with extra Velcro. The Council are also trying bags with different weightings and residents can order the blue shower caps for the boxes.


RJ will promote the free shower cap covers on social media that can be ordered from MTCBC.


Cllr Ian Thomas advised that the Community Pay Back Scheme was approved at MTCBC Full Council so there will now be a 21k contract, that only works out as 2k per annum, per Ward, so MTCBC will need to look at allocation of resources for each Ward.


Signpost to Trelewis on the Mountain Road – Cllr Jago agreed this was a good idea - it can be installed but will need to be organised via Martin Stark, Engineers Department, MTCBC. The estimated cost would be £670 for purchase and installation. We would need to seek permission from Caerphilly CBC first as it is on their adopted road.


Item 135 – The planters and baskets have been installed within the community.


We have two benches left over – one for Bedlinog and one for Trelewis. Cllr Jago advised that it would be useful to have one at Bedlinog Recreational Ground for when parents are watching their children play rugby. Cllr Preston suggested one in Stormtown, Trelewis. It was agreed that we would ask residents where they wanted the benches placed.


RJ and Cllr Searl are now Co-opted Trustees of Bedlinog Miners Welfare Association, no official response from CISWO on the Community Council becoming the charitable trustees yet, but we can progress with some work. RJ and Cllr Searl are meeting St. John’s Ambulance at the Pavilion 13/07/2021 to discuss brining the building back into use. It was agreed to consult with the community as to whether they wanted the Tennis Courts to remain as they were or to be turned into a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) if funding allows.


RJ made enquiries with MTCBC regarding the old rugby fields at Nant Llwynog Park being used as a dedicated dog walking area – we need to provide a plan identifying the extent of land we are interested in, confirmation as to who will manage and maintain the land and the length of lease required. An in-house consultation will then be carried out before providing the community council with a decision. Cllr Jago proposed that we do not proceed with this project, seconded by Cllr Searl. Resolved, not to proceed.


Cllr Jago update on safer route to school issue – there is overgrowth and crumbling walls, and the green line has been painted at the top of the village but has not been done from Commercial Street up. Cllr Jago advised that she will chase this with MTCBC as it is in the interest of public safety.


The CCTV is installed at the Community Centre – the final cost was £590.

Cllr Preston asked if we could encourage people to use the community centre car park on rugby days. RJ will update on social media.


Item 136 – a letter of Congratulations has been sent to Cllr Malcolm Colbran on his election as Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough.


Item 137 – Planning Department have been informed of the concerns raised about Planning Application P/21/0198.


Item 138 – A response was sent back to Class 2 at Bedlinog Community Primary School advising them that Cllrs would be happy to meet to discuss their presentation about litter problems in the area.


Item 139 – The nomination form for the People Awards has been published. 7 nominations so far, RJ will promote it some more on social media and ask the community to vote for their winner(s).


Item 139 – RJ contacted MTCBC about the hazardous step at Stormtown bus stop but there is no record of land ownership. Would need to go to land registry but there is a charge for this.


Item 139 – RJ contacted MTCBC about the over-flowing skip in the vicinity at the bottom of Stormtown bus stop – MTCBC cannot do anything about this as it is private land. They have no reason at this present time to contact the landowner to establish what their plans are for it as whilst the community are saying it is causing a disturbance, MTCBC say the landowner is not doing anything wrong.


RJ obtained costs for communicating with the public – a Newsletter would cost 4p per side in mono print; 44p per side for colour print. Costs for Merthyr Express advertisement would be £1200 for a qtr. page over a 12-month period. It was agreed that we would produce a 6-monthly newsletter. It can be placed in Bedlinog doctor’s surgery, shops in Trelewis and Bedlinog (with owner’s permission). Cllr Jago also suggested that we provide the Newsletter in Welsh.


In terms of agreeing costs for producing the Newsletter including printing, Cllr Jago proposed, and Cllr Frayne seconded. Resolved.


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