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Application for a New Premises Licence - Clwb Crown, Dynevor Street, Merthyr Tydfil

To consider report of the Chief Executive


Application for a New Premises Licence – Clwb Crown, Webster House, Dynevor Street, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1 BA


The Chair welcomed Jorge D’ascencao the applicant, Andrew Owen Commercial Manager Clwb Crown, Jon Roberts Police Licensing Officer, Andrew Owen South Wales Police together with MTCBC Officers to the Meeting.


Simon Jones Senior Solicitor then outlined the procedure for the Hearing.


Jo Baber Licensing Officer then led the Committee in detail through the report.


P C Jon Roberts then referred in detail to the initial representations made by South Wales Police as outlined in Appendix C of the report and advised that this was no reflection on the applicant and the application but was in relation to Crime and Disorder, Public Nuisance and the Licensing Act 2003.


P C Roberts referred to concerns of the adverse effect on Licensing Objectives and local residents and to the Mediation Meeting that had taken place on 9 August 2002 regarding the application.  Further to this Meeting and having sight of the amended application proposed by the applicant South Wales Police had amended their representations based on the amended plan and that these amendments were detailed in Appendix E of the report and were also outlined in detail to the Committee.


In reference to the condition that there must be an operational plan for the event the applicant advised that he would agree to Risk Assessments.


Mr Owen referred to Stewards and Security Staff and the numbers required in relation to the type of event – e.g a Pantomime or a Motohead Tribute Band and the need to be relative for the type of event and that a Risk Assessment per event was a good option together with the use of plastic glasses depending on the event.


Simon Jones then asked if the applicant was happy with the amendment to Condition 12 and Mr Owen responded in the affirmative.


Mr Owen also gave details of the click and analogue system and the crowd management proposals.  Reference was made to the Evacuation Policy, the Smoking area Policy and the End of Night Policy and as these Policies had not been received by the Licensing Officer Mr Owen confirmed that he would send them again.


Garin Eldred Environmental Health Officer then referred to Appendix B of the report and advised that he was of the opinion that the application did not promote the Licensing Objective of prevention of public nuisance and was therefore objecting to the application and gave details of his objection to the Committee.


Garin Eldred also shared with the Committee a Map outlining the location of the Premises and gave details of the surrounding properties.  He referred to the external music area and in theory there could be a lot of noise outbreak that could be difficult to abate and would be prominent at 1.00 – 2.00 in the morning.  It was also 55 m to the nearest property.


Garin Eldred then referred to the amended representations and referred to these in details as set out in Appendix F of the report.


The applicant then raised a question in relation to outdoor smoking areas in nearby venues and the 500 capacity regulations.


Simon Jones the explained in detail to the Committee the Legislation in relation to numbers of over 500 and under 500.


Andrew Owen then referred to the variety of event that would be on such as a Winter Wonderland – where the car park could be an Ice Rink and that there would be music and that again they would make sure in relation to capacity and capability.


Simon Jones again explained the 500 capacity Regulations.


The applicant then asked if there had been previous complaints made on the premises and Gavin Eldred responded in the negative.


The applicant referred to capacity and stated that he understood the concerns and that they would do their best and did not want to upset anyone and that there was no history of complaints.


Garin Eldred stated that this was a different application to the one before and it was important to get the application right.  He then gave further details of concerns of potential noise to nearby residents and the hours requested.


He then referred to Condition 27 in the amended application together with the Condition to promote the prevention of public nuisance that notification be given at least 90 days prior to the start of the event.


A Member then asked why 90 days notice was required and did any other venues require a 90 day notice period and Gavin Eldred and Jo Baber responded in detail.


It was also asked that if other Councils required 56 days notice would this be more reasonable.


Mr Owen then explained why 90 days could prohibit doing a lot of business and gave an example of why 90 days did not give flexibility to the business.


The applicant also stated that 90 days notice might be over cautious and that 56 days notice was more common and that it would be a help and he wished to all work together and for the Town to do well.

Sian James also commented on why 90 days notice had been recommended.


Andrew Owen then raised the issue of exiting out of the front door after 9.00pm as he was concerned that it could create a bottleneck and gave details of the proposals for exiting the premises as multiple exit points were in the interest of public safety.


Sian James then gave details of why this Condition had been recommended.


A Member also sought clarification on this matter.


A question was then raised in relation to the location of the Smoking area and details were given to the Committee together with comments on the location by the Officers.


Andrew Jones then asked a question in relation to the bi-fold doors, the mass exodus of patrons and the monitoring of patrons leaving if they were carrying bottles.


Andrew Owen then explained in detail how it was proposed to allow customers to exit the premises and that there would be a process in place to allow safe dispersal in different directions.


The applicant also gave details of the exit plan and that he did not want to have people leave with bottles.


Andrew Owen then read out the Dispersal Policy to the Committee together with proposals for staff Training.


Sian James then referred to concerns in relation to off sales of alcohol and that this objection was maintained.


Andrew Owen then referred to the Plan and that customers could not purchase alcohol and disperse in the premises.


The applicant advised that there would be 70 plus staff and that it would not be in his interest to sell alcohol to passers by.


Andrew Owen the gave details of how this had allowed the business to be sustained during the Pandemic through food and beverage sales and that it gave flexibility to pay bills and wages.


Sian James advised that she could not see a control mechanism in the report and had concerns with congregating outside.


Jo Baber then gave detail in relation to the condition for sealed containers for off sales.


The applicant referred to the creation of new business on the site and that he was always open to conversations and new ideas and to work together and to trust and to try the best for the Town


Andrew Owen then gave details of the Marketing Strategy and gave figures in relation to music tourism and that this was an opportunity to put on events where tickets would be sold outside Wales and to encourage music tourism.


They were trying to do something unique and to have the flexibility to respond and to allow to look at what is working and what can improve.  There were presidents in place in relation to neighbouring venues and to give the flexibility to allow development of the business for the Town and people in the Town.


Simon Jones advised that the applicant would be notified of the decision of the Committee within five days.


The Chair then thanked the applicant, Mr Owen, South Wales Police and the Officers for attending the hearing.


The Members then agreed that the Meeting be adjourned and reconvened to deliberate and determine the application.


Resolved that:


The Meeting stand adjourned and be reconvened on Tuesday 6 September 2002 at 2.30 pm.






The Committee considered the submissions that had been made at the hearing and after considerable debate and consideration it was


Resolved that:


The Licence be granted subject to such conditions modified to such extent as the Authority considers necessary for the promotion of the Licensing Objectives.






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